Insight customers are worried about the upcoming switch to Comcast

It has interested me the past few months when I’ve read people state they aren’t aware of the upcoming ownership change within our cable television market. Many newspaper articles and television reports have tried their best to alert regional customers of the transition. For many of those who have been aware of the coming change frustration is being expressed. Why are many of these current Insight customers upset? Because the information they are getting from Insight and the different forms of media has been very light on details. Recent newspaper articles have Insight spokespersons stating that there aren’t going to be major changes taking place in the beginning. It has been stated that at a later date and time some adjustments will be made. Since Insight for years has followed Comcast lead in regards to broadband and television offerings any changes should be somewhat transparent.

Although Insight has clearly stated that the status quo won’t change with the transition in a few days time. Customers are still being left with unanswered questions. The questions being asked are ones you would expect to hear. Will pricing for services go up? What types of television programming will be seen? Are more high definition channels going to be added when Comcast takes over? Broadband customers are wondering what types of speed will be offered and what the cost is going to be. The only thing being told to customers in reply to these questions is that nothing is changing anytime soon.

However many of us are aware that changes will be taking place. Many of us could be seeing warnings for hitting the invisible Comcast usage limit. Other customers may start to see warnings in regards to torrent usage. Depending on how Comcast decides to run the local operation current Insight customers could see a decrease in broadband speeds offered. At this time Insight Communications has offered a speed upgrade for customers in the communities that will continue to be operated by the company. This speed upgrade has current plus package customers getting more speed for twenty dollars less a month. The offer of course is not available to those of us transitioning to Comcast as our provider in a few days.

The Comcast commercials have started to roll in if you don’t use your DVR to fast-forward past them. What is lacking in these advertisements is actual information. It will be nice to hopefully not see insulting commercials like what Insight currently runs. Or have a CEO only playing a part. Didn’t know CEO’s of major corporations were actors. Then again this could explain why they are so well paid. They have everyone fooled with a great acting job.

What has been most frustrating for me is the lack of communication from Insight Communications customers who have been through this transition already. None of these customers have chimed in about their transition experience. It might be helpful if they would provide some details of their experiences in forum post. Some Insight customers were previously switched to Comcast ownership. The move was mostly symbolic do to the fact that Insight was just running these areas for Comcast. There was a business arrangement that had been in place years ago in regards to this.

In the most popular Insight information forum many threads are being locked. There is no one forum topic that is covering all the aspects of the upcoming transition. I’m honestly not sure why some of these threads are getting locked down. It would be nice to at least have one thread that links all the different related topics. I will try to do that in this article. Keep in mind that the information being provided is still very limited. No insider leaks have come across my doorstep with details. No one else seems to have been lucky in this regard either.

As I stated in a comment within a recent forum posting. We have been down this road locally a few times before. All we can do at this point is sit back and go along for the ride. In the past we have seen were transition has led to more than a few bumps in the road. Unfortunately it looks as if Insight Communications customers won’t fully have answers to their questions until sometime after the provider transfer has taken place. The Insight CEO Michael Willner hasn’t posted within the Insight forum for a very long time now. I’m not really surprised by this. Comcast representatives aren’t providing forum members with any detailed information in regards to the multitude of questions being asked.

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