Hacking a hotel network for fun or profit

A few years back I could have sworn I did an article on this subject. But after a fairly intense search I can’t seem to come across it. A recent article got me thinking about the subject of hacking a hotel network again. Recently a hacker named Mario Simbaqueba Bonilla confessed to installing keylogging Trojans on business center PCs. This act allowed the hacker to steal data from guest at 25 United States hotels. The previous hotel networking hack I was thinking about was done very differently. That hack could be used for a childish prank or to obtain personal information and details of guest. All that was needed to accomplish this was a bit of knowledge, the hotel television and a laptop. If successful you could in theory have every room in a hotel watching adult content. A good software firewall and antivirus running on your laptop will always help keep you safe when accessing a public network such as what you’d be using in a hotel.

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It would interesting to know if the hospitality industry took this security message seriously and secured their networks. I’ve not heard of anyone trying to test this since the news went public years ago.

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