Phix Energy drink pouch

I received a holiday surprise with my most recent Phix Energy order. Inside was a collapsible drink pouch / water bottle. It’s always nice to receive a free gift. I wasn’t expecting anything other than my usual order. I’ve put this pouch to use many times since I received it.

The only issue I’ve seen with it – is the Phix powder loves to settle to the bottom. So you have to really make sure to give it a good amount of shaking to get the powder mixed. My girlfriend thought cleaning the “water bottle” might be a hassle. So far the pouch has cleaned up nicely – no worse than a traditional water bottle.

For those of you on the go – the attached clasp should come in handy. I’ve not put this to use.

Unfortunately Phix Energy has shut down their affiliate program – so I can no longer make a commission on any sales from my site.

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