My recent OliveNation orders

This video details three of my recent OliveNation orders. Since our local mushroom vendor at the local farmers market was a no show for most of last season – I found a new source. OliveNation has a wide selection of mushrooms. The garlic olive oil really didn’t have a strong garlic taste. We purchased a much cheaper garlic olive oil locally that had a stronger flavor. The one above could have used some chopped garlic to give it a boost.

Of course once I start eating a lot of Italian olive oil and food products – I read an alarming story about one region of that country. I’ve linked a few of those articles below. The short version is that for a couple of decades the Mafia has dumped toxic waste into fertile farming communities. These articles claim that the situation is so widespread that many locals now import their food. Of course since I have never traveled there and don’t live in that country – I can only go by what I have read. I didn’t think it would be wise to ask a real Sicilian we talked to recently in a hotel bar. It was hard enough trying to avoid a heated political discussion with the man. It goes without saying he isn’t a fan of the current administration / reelected President here in the United States.

OliveNation offers a wide selection of food products from around the world. For all three of my orders up to this point – shipping has been very fast. OliveNation has products priced to meet all budgets. Like many other online destinations – free shipping is offered at times – to help reduce the purchase price.

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