Cupcakes for Courage Chicago Illinois

On our way back to the Chicago Omni Hotel I saw what I thought was a food truck. With further inspection it turned out this was a desert truck with a mission. For some reason I recall hearing about this truck in the past. Not sure if I read an article or saw it on television.

Unfortunately my girlfriend decided to place an order before allowing me to get my video. So instead of having a nice clean recording of the truck – I ended up with several passerbys heads or bodies getting into the shot.

My girlfriend’s nephew is a Leukemia survivor. I’ve had several relatives pass away from various types of cancers. Many of us have had friends who are survivors or who have fought a hard battle against this disease. I had a conversation on this topic with two ladies inside Union Station Chicago the other day while we waited for our Amtrak trains to arrive.

Our Cupcakes for Courage order was one each – banana cream pie, caramel apple, strawberry and pink velvet ( that last one is in our fridge now ). The two I have eaten were yummy. Definitely a good treat for the cold rainy day that took place our first day in town.

We found this truck on December 15, 2012 just off of the Magnificent Mile on a side street.

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