Chevy Volt Chicago

On our way back to the Chicago Omni Hotel during a recent trip – I just happened to catch this Chevrolet Volt taking off from a stop light. At the time I didn’t have my video camera ready. So I didn’t get much of the car recorded. Luckily the limited recording was in focus. It seems to me that black is the most popular or at least most widely sold color for Chevy Volts. I’ve only come across a few cars that have a different color paint.

Unfortunately during our stay in Chicago this is the only electric car we came across. Granted the Volt isn’t pure electric – it’s a plug-in hybrid. Chicago does have a good amount of Toyota Prius cabs – didn’t see any that had the new plug-in option.

I have been wanting to make another trip to the Tesla Motors store. But every time we are in Chicago – we never seem to be able to schedule that visit in.

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