Ginger Asian Bistro Springfield, IL

Our first experience at Ginger Asian Bistro could be summed up as a good one. The service was above average to almost excellent. Food quality seemed to please everyone at our table for the most part. While I still had a very small amount of appetizer left when the main course came out this wasn’t an issue for me. And I had been talking a bit more than eating. As we left we were properly thanked for visiting. On the way out I took some pictures that didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped. The picture above was taken on Saturday at the start of our second visit to Ginger Asian Bistro. That visit I’m sorry to report was almost the exact opposite of the night before. For me it became clear as to why other reviews hadn’t reported having the same experience I had on Friday night.

Overall I don’t feel the prices are as high as one online review stated. A couple could easily have a meal priced about the same as you would see at some chain restaurants in our area. With drinks and desert this price would of course increase. Any mid-size family going out to eat should expect to have to pay a good sum of money to have a dining experience even at lower cost establishments. Depending on what is ordered you could easily leave Ginger Asian Bistro for around $30 or $40 with tip for a dinner of two.

We had multiple employees taking care of us during our visit. The server listed on the receipt is named Paul.

At this time I can’t find an online presence for the Ginger Asian Bistro in Springfield, IL. There is a website for the Orland Park, IL Ginger Asian Bistro which makes no mention of the Springfield location. To me this is odd since John also owns Novanis a successful Information Technology company.


My family has known John Chiang for many years. Although it has been about 20 or so years since I had seen him. I also went to school for a few years with his daughter. Years ago our townhouse in Westchester was just a bit down the road from the home the Chiang’s owned. That townhouse is the one that Cheryl and I moved out of a few years back. The only reason for me mentioning this is full disclosure. At no time has anyone asked me to write anything above. No compensation etc. With my review of our Saturday night visit I think you will be able to tell that I’m being more than fair in my assessment on the worthiness of making a visit to the Ginger Asian Bistro. For me I would not hesitate to go back and have another meal there. Every restaurant has evenings that don’t go smooth. Especially when they have just opened the doors.

Unfortunately at this time I can’t find a link to a large article the State Journal Register did on Jennifer and John Chiang a few years back. The SJR still hasn’t learned that good basic search functions are a must for a website. Although their sister paper in Peoria gets this lesson.

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Ginger Asian Bistro Springfield ( business has since closed )

Location: 3100 West White Oaks Drive, Springfield,  IL 62704

Telephone: 217-726-0808

Ginger Asian Bistro

Location: 15700 South Harlem Avenue, Orland Park, IL 60462

Telephone: 708-633-1818/08

Fax: 708-633-8707

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