Ginger Asian Bistro our second visit

This should be the end of the story but it is not. As we were leaving Jennifer asked if we were done already. What she meant by this I have no clue. Normally she is very good about paying attention to the details. I’m surprised she wouldn’t have known that we were at the table that had problems throughout the night and that we had just finished desert. She did not recognize me that is for sure. We both told her that we were heading to the bar. After a bit of time had passed she comes behind the bar and thanks a group of people for waiting at the bar. She then proceeds to thank us for sitting at the bar like we are also waiting for a table even though my leftovers are clearly in view. I’m not sure what any of that was about. All I know is that at no time did she or anyone resembling a manager apologize for our inconvenience or offer to reduce our bill any etc. This is just common practice anywhere else I have eaten.

Now lets get the bar covered. The bar area wasn’t all that busy except for the small group of people at the end. But the bartenders were fairly busy making drinks for those seated at tables. There seemed to be some issues with how some servers were ringing in drink orders to the computer. Mike seemed to help one of them out several times though. It was from this station that I kept getting not so nice looks from our waitress. This let me know she must have been unhappy with her tip or something. When we first took a seat at the bar no one had cleared some rice that was calling the bar top home. It also took a little bit to get our drink order placed. With three bartenders doing their job it also took some time to get our drinks. There seemed to be some confusion as to what we had ordered. Only close to before we were about to leave did a female bartender clear the rice off. Keep in mind Jennifer let this slip by as well when she talked to us. Which is interesting since earlier in the evening she was instructing the busboy to clean tables a little more effectively. While I’m more than used to seeing a busy bar where time is spent filling seated customer orders. The Ginger Asian Bistro bar just seemed to be in a bit of chaos. During the time we sat there I watched the interaction between wait staff and the bartenders. I also noticed something Cheryl had mentioned to me previously. Everyone including Jennifer kept walking in a door that had a paper notice on it that stated this was an exit only do not enter.

While some of this could be written off as opening blues. It is very clear that our waitress Kaitlyn has had more than one bad night. Again I’ll say that I wouldn’t like another experience like we had Saturday night. Along with my bad food choices and less than stellar service my evening out was less than pleasant. Many other people would considering this a never going back situation. As I think my long description above points out I’m a bit more forgiving. Our Saturday night experience was the exact opposite of the previous visit. Our second trip to Ginger Asian Bistro showed me why some people may feel there are few hiccups in the system at this time. I’m thinking most of this is just everyday occurrences within the restaurant business. Then again it needs to be kept in mind it only takes one bad event to turn a customer into a former customer.

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