Podcasting just got easier if you don’t value your privacy

If you don’t value having your phone number kept private from the world. Then podcasting your thoughts to the masses just became a phone call away. Many people have their phone number included in the local phone book. This information is available online in many cases as well. There are some well known internet personalities that make dialing their digits very easy for anyone. So since the concept of some type of privacy control has become more and more not normal. I guess this latest service will take off and has the potential to be the next big hyped thing online. 

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Extremely Easy Podcasting with Cinch


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I like this new podcasting API from BlogTalkRadio « Scobleizer

Podcasting with BlogTalkRadio « Scobleizer

If you read the comments included within the last linked article. You will come across a comment that shows the arrogance and brainlessness of most business people. Alan Levy makes a comment about how they ( BlogTalkRadio ) need to listen to all the big names. There also is no comment made to address the privacy concerns being brought up by many others. So I’m sorry I won’t be using this product for multiple reasons. Just more arrogant big headed startup junkies only listening to those who agree with them or who they consider the important people. Let us not even get into the fact that we have yet another company that refuses to be proactive and address very valid concerns about the product they are developing. It is honestly very sad that the big name players keep promoting these types of products and services. While the concept may be thinking outside the box. What is lacking is a new way of thinking in regards to listening to very strong worthwhile feedback. Just because one well known person doesn’t have these privacy concerns does not mean they shouldn’t be addressed.  

“We understand Telecom inside and out”. Maybe I’m wrong but this comment just shows the exact attitude I’m speaking about. The we are great and all knowing – why should we listen to anyone else. Especially someone who we feel is not on our same level.

Upon reading further down it looks as if maybe the company does have a bit of clue after all. Although what does it really say about your developers that this was even an issue to start with?

“@Ben Kimball, phone number in feed is being addressed but for now, or later today I should say we will be releasing a PHP 5 homebrew kit for working with the API. right out of the box it will have a script that rewrites the Cinch feed in real time and removes the phone number.”  Kris Smith