Illinois Army National Guard CH-47 Chinook helicopters Chatham IL

I had to rush out door to get this video. Since I didn’t have sunglasses on I couldn’t see what was being recorded in viewfinder. It actually turned out better than I thought it would.

This was recorded on Saturday January 26, 2013 as helicopters flew over Chatham, Illinois. I’m thinking these might be Illinois Army National Guard CH-47 Chinook helicopters from 2nd Battalion of the 238th General Support Aviation unit based in Peoria, Illinois. Soldiers from that unit are / were headed to Fort Hood in Texas for further training before a nine month deployment in Afghanistan.

My theory could be wrong – but these helicopters were heading South. Maybe they were just on a short trip to St. Louis. Timing was only three days after I had read a newspaper article on the deployment. So I think I’m most likely correct as to origin of the heavy duty choppers.

Recorded February 2nd 2013

“The 238th flies the CH-47D Chinook helicopter, a workhorse for the U.S. Army.”

“Known as the “River City Hookers,” the 238th can “hook,” lift and transport things from supplies to vehicles to weapons.”

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