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The video above shows my most recent OliveNation order. I just brewed some of the Raspberry Black Tea today. The cashews always go quickly and are almost gone. The Dried Cranberries have been completely devoured. Italian Organic Wild Blueberry Jam is very yummy. The Barney Almond Butter not so much.

Used some pasta from a previous order to make dinner tonight. From the order above used the Trompette Mushrooms and Dulcet Toasted Sesame & Ginger Asian Sauce for this evenings meal.

Obviously there have been no quality issues with the products we have purchased from OliveNation – considering we have made multiple orders. Shipping is always extremely fast – even when taking advantage of their free shipping offers.

Until recently we had never had an issue with our order. But the video above is missing something. Honestly I thought our order was complete. A day after taking this video I realized it wasn’t. What is missing are the Alili Oil Cured Olives.

I completely missed this fact until looking for them. Of course the first thing I did was check the video – as you can see they aren’t there. I looked all over the kitchen – even odd places were I may have mistakenly placed them. Checked the shipping box again to make sure it was empty. The olives are nowhere to be found.

So after searching to make sure I didn’t make a mistake – I can only assume they didn’t ship with the order. This unfortunately gives me an opportunity to test customer service.

According to bank records we were charged for the full amount of the order. I’d assume if something wasn’t in stock we would have been sent an email offering a refund on what was out of stock or some other option.

Update 10:57PM Central Time – OliveNation doesn’t play around. What was that – 15 minute turn around time on my email? That is amazing considering what time of night I sent it and considering they are on the East Coast where it is an hour later. If more businesses offered customer service like that – you’d have much happier customers. It always seems to be the smaller “mom & pop” shops that still value old fashion service.

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My recent OliveNation orders

Springfield Downtown Farmers Market July 14 2012

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