Charlie Parker’s diner Springfield IL on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives March 25, 2008

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The Charlie Parker’s diner episode that was taped September 27, 2007 will finally air on March 25, 2008. I was just checking upcoming episodes this evening and came across this information. So if you’re interested in seeing one local restaurants take on the semi famous horseshoe sandwich then definitely tune into Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives later on this month. Previously the horseshoe sandwich was featured on an episode of Roker on the Road that was filmed at Darcy’s Pint in it’s original location. That store front is now occupied by the Dublin Pub an Irish restaurant that moved in a few months after the taping of the Roker on the Road episode. Darcy’s Pint is now located behind Charlie Parker’s diner – depending on which way you are facing. You could say the opposite that Charlie Parker’s diner is actually behind Darcy’s Pint. Either way both are located very close to each other. This area saw very heavy damage during the tornadoes that took place two years ago yesterday. Several businesses located by Charlie Parker’s were almost a total loss. Darcy’s Pint had no major damage except for their sign out front being destroyed. 

On a side note Guy Fieri didn’t make a big impression on Cheryl. Honestly he came off as just another arrogant stuck up star just doing a job. Granted he had been reported to be very sick that week. He just didn’t come of as being friendly. Guy left the impression that the friendly image he portrays on television is just an act. Don’t bother asking him about previous locations he has been to. It seems these are to forgettable to put into his memory bank. I’m sure he would blame it on being busy etc. Cheryl tried to chat with him about the Big Star Diner on Bainbridge Island. This is a place Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives had visited in the past. Guy Fieri needed a big memory jog to remember that he had been there. We visited the Big Star Diner last year when we were in Seattle for Gnomedex. After Cheryl reported her conversation with Guy I’m glad I didn’t take the time that day to come into town for the taping. I would have been highly disappointed.

Cheryl meets Guy Fieri today at Charlie Parker’s diner

Having breakfast on Bainbridge Island at the Big Star Diner

Side view Big Star Diner Bainbridge Island or is it Richie’s 305 Diner now

Inside the Big Star Diner Bainbridge Island

What is a horseshoe sandwich

Darcy’s Pint Springfield Illinois – Roker on the Road pictures

New Darcy’s Pint telephone number Springfield IL

UndoTV – Amateur video Springfield IL March 12 2006 tornado damage

See a bit more about this upcoming episode at the link below.

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Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives  Guy’s Hotspots

Guy Fieri

Scars remain from night of twisters’ destruction

Message in a Bloggle » Charlie Parkers Springfield Illinois Ultimate Diner Experience

Message in a Bloggle » The Horseshoe Sandwich, Another Springfield Tradition

700 North St.
Springfield, IL 62704
Tel: (217) 241-2104

Historic Route 66 Forum – Giant Pancakes in Springfield, Illinois.

That link states the hours of operation for Charlie Parker’s are 6 AM Mon-Sat closing at 2 PM. Sundays from 7 AM to 2 PM.

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  • Hi Iggy,
    Thanks for linking to my Message In A Bloggle posts about Charlie Parker’s and horseshoes. Looks like you and I share a few common interests! Cheers!

  • Sir:

    We were coming home to Saint Louis from Wisconsin this afternoon and I was telling my friends about your place that I saw on television. I called twice and got in touch with a female worker to get direction to your business. The person to whom I spoke to had idea as to how I would get to your business from south bound on I-55. She did tell me that they were located in south Springfield. Third third call we asked for the manager. He inform us to get off at 6 street exit. We found a 5th street exit but no 6th street exit. We got off at the 5th street exit and got lose for a 1/2 a hour. We finally ate at Cracker barrel. We lose the chance to eat at your restaurant and you lost six customers. We also had a new GPS system in our vehicle. We could not find a Charlie Parkers Restaurant with the zip code I got from your female employee. Nor could we find a North street in South Springfield.

    your truly

    Harvey Laux

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