This site is having the performance blues

Maybe I’m the only one seeing it. But main page load times for this site seem be horrible lately. The problem seems to come and go. Yes I’m aware I have a few photo articles whose thumbnails will increase load time. But I never had this type of issue with Blogware unless something was wrong on their end. So this has me wondering if GoDaddy my site host is the source of the issue. Yesterday I did some house cleaning by removing all the WordPress plugins that I’m not using. From what I’ve read using a cache plugin would just be to much hassle or require making some type of usability compromise. I’m not willing to give up some type of functionality for readers.

I have a feeling that going to a dedicated server wouldn’t improve matters all that much. This however is always an option I’m willing to consider. Traffic was actually down last year do partially to Google no longer seeming to include this site within their index. If not for Yahoo, Technorati and Microsoft I’d be hurting even worse in the search engine game. All I know is I’d hate to see what load times looked like if I were to go Web 2.0 crazy like many sites you see online nowadays. Although these sites do seem to manage load time issues decently. So there must be something I could put to use as well. However my plugin search hasn’t come up with anything that would help without some type of complicated setup or compromises being made.

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