Snowmageddon mostly cleared away the next day

The next day I had to put the electric snow blower to use one more time. I didn’t bother going back over the driveway with a shovel to get down to bare concrete. Even though there was still a light snow falling – temperatures that day were going to get warm enough to melt leftover snow. The video shows everything nice and clear. You can see the bottom of the driveway is snow free and offering easy access to vehicles. Unfortunately a few hours later all my hard work got destroyed. When the Springfield Illinois Public Works snowplow was finally able to get to our street – the public servant ruined all my efforts. Granted the driver also made life difficult for my neighbors who had bothered to keep their driveways and walks clear of snow.

You would think with all of today’s technology – there would be some way or method to not pile large amounts of snow and ice at the bottom of driveways when the snowplow comes through. It’s not snow removal that causes people to collapse of a heart attack – it’s the large piles of rock hard ice and snow that plow drivers leave at driveway entrances. While I appreciate when public works clears neighborhood streets – I want to go after them with heavy weapons when every snow season they destroy all my hard work.

As the video clearly shows I had a nice clean drive and the sidewalks were clear. All that changed as soon as the city plow passed by. Here is the thing I have never understood – after the plow went by – the street was down to almost bare concrete – this is great for travel. But how exactly do city planners, managers or politicians expect citizens to access those clean roads? If there is a big solid block of ice and snow blocking access – it’s rather pointless to even have a clear road isn’t it? I sometimes think plow drivers get sick twisted pleasure at driving through neighborhoods and screwing up citizens hours of hard work.

Our new neighborhood has a lot of snow blower owners compared to our previous Chatham Illinois location. But even the most hardcore snow blower can get busted up quickly trying to take on ice.

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