General Motors E85 truck blocked in by snow

I’m not sure if this American Lung Association E85 Chevrolet Avalanche is the one I’ve seen previously at the Illinois State Fair. In the past the E85 truck I’ve seen there has been parked outside of Watershed Park.

Over the years there has been a very vocal debate about the benefits or lack of in regards to E85. Many feel that production of corn for E85 ethanol takes away from food production. Others argue that E85 is a waste because the fuel doesn’t provide as good of mileage as gasoline. The common belief has always been that E85 has to have a purchase price at a certain percentage below gasoline to be beneficial to use.

I’d venture a guess that many consumers who have purchased flex-fuel vehicles are using gasoline instead of E85. The few people I know who own flex-fuel vehicles do exactly that. It’s unfortunate that these owners are choosing to use a less renewable fuel source. But for most people everything comes down to cost. They will bitch and moan about wanting to use an American made fuel – they will talk about wanting to use less gasoline – but in the end – if the alternative to gasoline is more expensive to purchase – most consumers will go with the cheaper price every time.

Some might argue that the best consumer vehicle purchase would be a plug-in hybrid – if you are wanting to reduce or close to eliminate your gasoline usage. But plug-in technology isn’t widely used for larger vehicles ( at least not in great numbers – just yet – this may change in the future ). This is where some type of biofuel made from renewable resources could create the most benefit. E85 and biodiesel can help to reduce our reliance on gasoline and help to reduce vehicle emissions.

Unfortunately no matter how many times consumers are shown the overall benefits of biofuels – they seem to all demand cheaper gasoline. As much as people complain about wanting an alternative fuel – they seem to find more reasons to complain about the options for change they are given. Most of the time it all comes back to cost and convenience.

Most consumers don’t see the benefit in caring about the environment. Many beat their chest about what great Americans they are – while wasting the resources of this nation. These same people fail to see that their chosen path does more harm to the country they love than good.

The Chevrolet Volt was originally set to have an E85 model. If I remember correctly at some point this got cancelled. I have always thought a biodiesel or E85 plug-in hybrid made good sense. Reducing fuel consumption when in electric mode. Using an alternative fuel source when the EV battery is depleted. As far as I can remember I’ve not seen a consumer vehicle available for purchase that currently offers this option. I think I have read about some that are planned or in the works.

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