100 mpg vehicle is here it just isn’t consumer ready

So as I’ve said in the past and above. I don’t feel it is technology that is letting us down in regards to driving more fuel efficient vehicles. There of course could still be many more improvements. But there are options starting to become more widely available. What is stopping the change is bad implementation and lack of delivering what a customer would actually buy. If a company is unable to provide a vehicle the size of say a Toyota Prius or a Chevy Aveo that is fuel efficient with a 500 mile plus range then consumer uptake won’t happen. Especially if you can’t deliver this within the $20 to $35 thousand price point. To have a consumer viable product you will in fact have to reduce the compromise and make an ease of use experience. Your average car buyer has no interest at all in regards to the alternatives being offered. A very limited segment of the population is even willing to consider the currently available options.

My vote is for a flex fuel electric hybrid. Preferably based upon a biofuel that consumers can be talked into using. The sad thing is we didn’t learn our lesson the last time around. No progress has really been made since gas prices and availability went nuts when Jimmy Carter was President of the United States. As a country that is supposedly the most advanced in the world we should be ashamed at our progress. Our continued dependence on oil has many political angles which is unfortunate. This may stop any truly effective change from taking place. Not to mention that traditional automakers continue to fight those that want change. Either way it is sad that no real progress has been made over the years. As a nation it shouldn’t be policy to rely upon others to provide us with our basic every day needs. Yet over the years this is exactly what has happened more and more. A key example of this is actually the alternative vehicle manufacturers themselves. The majority of the the technology and parts being used in these vehicles aren’t being produced in the United States.

The Automotive X PRIZE is a good example of trying to do things right. This is also a way to help promote what seems to be an outdated concept – innovation. Illuminati Motor Works would seem to be a great example of that old fashion concept. While I’d love to see a truly viable consumer product come from the Automotive X PRIZE competition. I’m not holding out any hope. Over the years there have been many big press releases and much hype. But either government regulation, finances or production problems always seem to pop up to stop progress.

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