Federal Trade Commission affiliate link advertiser disclosure for Iggy Uncensored

The Federal Trade Commission introduced regulations in the United States that websites should disclose any affiliation / relationship with advertisers whose products might be reviewed or promoted on a website. Since this rule was enacted I’ve never offered a disclosure notice – until now. That being said I’ve always been very upfront that this site includes advertising links and that product reviews have affiliate links within them – that could lead to me earning a commission for any sales using that link.

There are criteria that have to be met in some cases for any commission to be paid when using such links. Not all products purchased are valid for a commission to be earned. In years past I’ve been clear about my relationships with various companies. I have never done a paid endorsement. Long time readers know that even if I have a relationship with a corporation – I’m not afraid to be brutal in my opinion / reviews.

Honestly I’ve always thought most people are smart enough to realize when advertising is involved – that caution should be used – to determine the true intentions of the person promoting or reviewing the product or service. To me this is just common sense.

Because a few people in years past have run scams or not been completely upfront about their associations – we now have rules in place that are supposed to be followed. Of course most of the websites doing all the underhanded tactics could care less and will continue to mislead consumers.

For a straightforward notice – there have never been paid endorsements within this website. I have always done my best to disclose anything I felt might be considered a conflict of interest. I’ve always been upfront about using affiliate links to hopefully obtain sales and then my commission for doing so.

All products that have been reviewed on this website have been purchased by me or someone within my home. If ever I have been given a free software copy etc – I have always done my best to disclose this fact. Since starting this website in 2004 – I can think of only twice where this may have taken place.

I’ll now include this disclosure in all articles within this website from this date forward. Personally I don’t feel the majority of my readers need it – but to show compliance with Federal Trade Commission rules and to be even more upfront – I’ll link this disclosure.

This notice should be considered valid for any account ( Facebook, Twitter etc ) that I control that links to this online property. Affiliate links may be used within those accounts also. These are NOT paid endorsements.

Federal Trade Commission Revised Endorsement Guides: What People are Asking

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