Red Nissan LEAF Earth Day 2013 Historic Laclede’s Landing St Louis

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As I was heading back to my room at the Lumiere Hotel from my walk around Historic Laclede’s Landing – I saw this red Nissan LEAF pulling up to the intersection. I didn’t start recording until I had confirmed this was actually a LEAF. I’d seen a lot of Nissan VERSA’s that day – that made me do a double take and faked me out for a second.

When I saw this was the real deal – video recorder was on and the looks started from pedestrians. No one could figure out why I was interested in the car. Of course they didn’t know I was the electric car “stalker”. As the video shows I followed the car all the way to it’s parking spot. You can see the driver putting the backup camera to good use.

Once I saw it was a female driver – I knew I wouldn’t be engaging the driver in conversation about her LEAF. Although I was interested in learning more about how long she had owned the vehicle and how she liked it. I figured the situation could get awkward – even more so than some strange guy recording your car driving down the road.

I assume this is an older Nissan LEAF. The 2013 model is supposed to have redesigned lights. From what I saw this LEAF had the original style headlights. Taillights also looked the same as earlier model years. This LEAF did not have the optional solar panel on the back roof that helps power some internal components.

From the license plate holder I’d assume this LEAF was purchased at Lou Fusz Nissan in St Louis, MO.

Keep in mind that all 2013 Nissan LEAF’s built for the United States are now manufactured in Smyrna, Tennessee. Many of the internal parts such as the electric motor and battery pack will now be produced here in the United States. From 2013 on the Nissan LEAF will be an American Made car by American workers.

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Nissan LEAF ride below was recorded before I had my digital video camera.

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