WordPress version 2.5 RC2 up and running

I installed WordPress version 2.5 RC1 earlier today before looking to see if a new release candidate was in fact out. Only after I got that WordPress version installed did I think to look for a newer build. At this time that is what is running this site – WordPress version 2.5 RC2. There are some positive changes I’m seeing at the moment. A bit less clutter which is a longer overdue enhancement. The website itself doesn’t seem to run any faster. This of course could be do to the size of the current thumbnails. However I do not wish to reduce the size of these because it degrades how I want things to look. Spell check still doesn’t seem to work effectively for me. Just tried it still seeing the same issue from the past. Also when writing this and saving it seems that the title tabs get misarranged. These are just a few quick observations after installing this version. The upgrade process went smoothly. I’m now able to also get rid of a few plugins I had previously used.

I had RC1 sitting on my hard drive for awhile I just hadn’t gotten around to installing it until today. It should have occurred to me that a newer release candidate would be out by now. The WordPress editor seems to have a bit of a problem. I’ve ran into this before. Where the editor will not let me select text within a widget to copy paste or delete. Right now within the editor I’m not able to select text and add a link to it. This started after I had done four previous links with no problem. Odd and very aggravating. I of course can add the link by using the HTML tab.

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