Why do you need a software Firewall?

Again we see this subject just won't seem to die. Everyone wants to bring a new spin and yet another thread into the mix. My reply to the latest thread can be found below.

As was mentioned above = layers. What if your antivirus or antitrojan solution misses a trojan or worm? When this malware decides it's time to phone home. A software firewall will clue you in – if your an alert user. No software or hardware solution will keep a dumb user safe from themselves. But properly configured protections can help to make some things a bit more idiot proof. If your router gets compromised in some way. A software firewall is a good backup layer. If your running a wireless network and it becomes compromised. Again a software firewall would be a good failsafe. This topic has been beat into the ground in the past and the past several weeks.

My thoughts and links to multiple previous threads in this forum are here  Is NAT Enough – As a firewall replacement

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Why do you need a software Firewall

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