Why can’t the meteorologists get it right

Once again we have another local online writer asking why the weather people can’t seem to get it right. Honestly I haven’t paid that much attention to the weather forecast to have an opinion on how well the local, regional and national forecasters are doing in regards to forecasting temperatures and weather patterns. What I can say is the last time snow was forecast the projected¬†accumulation totals varied greatly. This is part of the reason I previously asked the professionals if weather forecasting was more of a best guess approach versus science.

Because even with all the technology involved in the process nowadays. It seems to me as if the meteorologists all interpret this data very differently. That is part of the reason I used the Discovery Channel show Storm Chasers television show in my original article on weather forecasting. In one episode of that series you saw how meteorologists can see the same information but come to different conclusions as to how the weather will act.

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