Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Powder

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Powder

Over the years I’ve been wanting to make some changes in regards to the household products being used in our home. Slowly I have begun to explore some of those options. Much of last year I used a natural based lawn fertilizer created using garbage and worms. Recently my household made the switch to bathroom tissue and paper towel that is made from recycled paper. The few things we hadn’t made changes with yet were to household cleaners and our dishwasher detergent. Actually if truth be told the switch in what we use inside the dishwasher came first. Cheryl was at County Market a few weeks back and picked up the product above. She knew I had been wanting to get away from the Cascade we had been using. Why? Several  reasons come to mind. The smell of chlorine when the product was being used in the dishwasher. A strong odor would of course come out of the unit as the dishes were being cleaned. You could also smell and taste this on the dishes themselves many times.

With this in mind I had been wanting to explore other cleaning options. Cheryl was aware of this so I guess when she saw this available at the local store she figured I’d be happy to give it a try. I had wanted to find a liquid product that would be similar to Cascade but with a more ecofriendly approach. The Ecover’s above is a powder product. Today I was reading about the Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel and saw some fairly negative comments. Including the fact that Consumer Reports found that this product might not be so environmentally conscience after all. Which has me wondering about the true nature of the paper products I bought from them. I’m mentioning this to point out that I might not be making a jump back to a dishwashing gel. Or at least I’ll be trying another brand.

However at this point I really don’t have a reason to go back to a liquid product. The Ecover’s powder above has done a much better job than the liquid Cascade we used to use. I have no issues with spotting, no need for a rinse agent and I’ve not seen any food left on the dishes after they have gone through the cleaning process. With the Cascade we had many times where the dishes weren’t fully clean after a dishwashing cycle. I also had to use a rinse agent along with the Cascade. Ecover’s seems to be able to get the dishes clean even without them being pre-rinsed before entering the dishwasher. Caked on egg and other residue cleans right off. Many times with the Cascade product we used we would see these type of things still on the dishes after washing. So not only is the Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Powder supposedly better for the environment it gets the job done better as well. Without the harsh smell and leftover taste.

I said supposedly better for the environment for this reason. No one can really be for sure if a company is truly ecofriendly or just good at marketing spin. While consumers are good at pointing out the fakers there is really no oversight or rules governing what is or isn’t friendly to the environment. Consumers don’t have labs to test products claims. So we are somewhat at the mercy of the companies marketing strategy. Only with some hard research can we be sure that marketing claims are actually what we are getting. With everyone jumping on the ecofriendly spin here lately it is hard to tell who is being fully truthful. I have no way of knowing for sure if some type of invisible unhealthy residue is left on our dishes from this product. What I can tell you is the kitchen no longer smells like a chemical factory when I turn on the dishwasher. I can tell you that in my opinion the Ecover product cleans better than the well known Cascade. So even for those people who could care less about what is going down their drain and heading into the water supply downstream. There is a reason to add this product to your consideration when buying dishwasher soap. The Ecover product does exactly what is says on the box in real world testing.

After reading the bad reviews on Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Gel and getting such good results from the Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Powder. I think it is fairly safe to say that when the Ecover’s runs out this household will be purchasing the product again. The Ecover’s powder is getting the job done so there isn’t really a need to switch back to a liquid at this point.

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2 thoughts on “Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Powder”

  1. Hi, nice to hear that the product works well, I also take issue to strong chemical smells and residue on anything that I eat or drink out of. However to be fair powder and tablets almost always rinse cleaner and perform better than gels/liquids. You’ll find that cascade, electrosol or any other brand in powder or tablet form would likely have solved the residual smell and spotting issue. Nonetheless the ingredients list in ecovers powder sounds a great deal more pleasant than the non “eco” options.

  2. This would bring me back to the fact of eco-friendly or not. Why should I have to use multiple products to get the job done? I did recently run into an issue with the Ecovers leaving some egg on a set of utensils used to mix them. This is the first time I’ve ran into such an issue. The Ecover’s track record in my household so far still has me liking this product more than others I’ve used in the past.

    Keep in mind Ecover offers tablets and liquid options as well. I’ve not found the liquid locally. Last I looked online I didn’t come across it either. But so far the powder has handled the job well.

    Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Powder ingredients list

    Sodium Carbonate Peroxide
    Layered Silicate
    L-aspartic Acid, Homopolymer, Sodium Salt
    Magnesium Silicate
    Sodium Gluconate
    Protease, amylase
    Sodium Sulfate
    Sodium Citrate
    Sodium Bicarbonate
    Sodium Carbonate
    Sodium Carboxy Methylinuline
    Iso-octyl Glucoside

    I’d venture to say that a chemist would rate those as a bit better for the world around us versus what comes in what would be considered traditional dishwasher liquids or powders.

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