Segways 2013 Earth Day Festival St. Louis

Instead of photos this year it’s video. Last year I took several photos of two of the Segways above in action. This year I had a really long conversation with the owner of the Segways – Kyle Feller. He stopped by here last year to make a comment in the photo article. We talked about his yellow 1975 Vanguard-Sebring Electric CitiCar, the Nissan LEAF, Tesla Motors, other electric cars and of course the Segway personal transporters.

A wide selection of electric cars from members of the St Louis Gateway Electric Vehicle Club are always present at the Earth Day Festival.

The little girl in the video was NOT part of the plan. I had waited a pretty long time for her and her Mom to start heading down the sidewalk. I only started filming after I thought they were on their way to explore other parts of the event. Unfortunately the little girl had other ideas. She wanted to hang out with the Segways.

Honestly I had tried to hold off recording. I had missed most of the chatter about private time and the explanation as to why she was squatting. Her Mom kept giving details to someone nearby. I never figured out who that was.

I was in a hurry and not feeling well. So once I started recording I didn’t stop. Weather at the St. Louis Earth Day Festival is almost always flaky. I didn’t want to get caught in the rain like last year. It was a run and gun type of day – I had certain things I wanted to record – then get back to our hotel and relax.

The St. Louis Earth Day Festival makes it very clear that visitors may be recorded and that this content may be put to use. I’m sure the Mom didn’t expect herself or her daughter to end up being featured on the Internet.

I asked why the Segways weren’t being ridden this year. I thought maybe event management had concerns about liability if someone in the crowd got bumped. Kyle let me know that wasn’t the case. He was actually really cool and asked me if I wanted to take a ride. I politely declined even though I would have loved to take one for a spin. According to a sign at the St Louis Science Center – I’m pretty close to the weight limit for this cool transporter.

In the background you can see the green Ameren Chevy Volt, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Nissan LEAF. You also see the privately owned silver LEAF – I had a conversation with it’s owner when talking with Kyle. The orange Volkswagen Beetle is an electric conversion.

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