What exactly did Al Gore do to earn a Nobel Peace Prize

Months ago while sitting in a restaurant next to two gentleman having a conversation about Al Gore and how great he was this and that I asked a very simple question that led to rage. Now keep in mind I had spoken with one of these people earlier in the evening. That person is friendly with a waiter we know. Granted with the pompous attitude he had then I should have known what his reaction would be when I asked my question. And yes I was eavesdropping a bit. These two gentleman had also put away a few drinks that evening as well. This doesn’t excuse the fact that they are eco-hypocrites just like Al Gore.

Why is Al Gore an eco-hypocrite? Because all he has done for the most part is give lip service to the cause. When I brought this up during the restaurant conversation I was met with an angry rage. This is where things get funny. And surprisingly I actually held my temper and didn’t just go over and smack this fool upside his head. It wouldn’t have done any good anyway. The man starts telling me how I don’t understand that global warming is a major threat and that I’m a clueless idiot. I keep telling him repeatedly that he is not listening. Mind you I said this politely with a laugh. Not the way I wanted to say things. I would have preferred to say – no it’s your drunk ass who doesn’t get it. At some point his friend finally understands that I am merely saying that Al Gore is a hypocrite because he is not leading by example. I stated very clearly that if your going to be this loud public voice for change then you had best be making those changes in your own life. Especially if it is not a economic hardship for your household to do so.

I further explained that you can’t be screaming about global warming and how the planet is in jeopardy if your living in a large house that is sucking up a good amount of energy. This was met with a comment about how former Vice President Al Gore shouldn’t have to retrofit his grandmother’s old home to lessen it’s impact upon the environment. The other person who was a bit calmer stated that there were much bigger hypocrites in the world. Which I agreed with fully. However many of those people aren’t putting themselves in the national and worldwide spotlight making an argument about how we should all change or a climate catastrophe is going to take place.

At some point a catty comment was made about how we all don’t have to recycle our clothes. This is interesting for several reasons. I had done a recent article on the subject of clothes recycling around that time. And there had been no discussion in regards to recycling until that point. What this person failed to realize in their effort to be witty with a comeback is that the clothes recycling article was one of many others that covered the general subject of the environment. His comment did however show that he is a major hypocrite. Another one of these lets talk about the subject because it is politically hip but not make any changes to back up our talk. So I guess these two men can be happy that they have something in common with Al Gore. They’re doing nothing but talking about the subject. It should be kept in mind that there is some debate about if the Gore family gets their energy needs provided by a “renewable energy initiative”. Of course Wikipedia makes mention of carbon credits. Which of course in reality are nothing more than feel good environmentalism.

While there is nothing wrong with talk. Conversation can in fact sometimes lead to understanding, agreement and then action. There comes a point where talk is just talk. For years many well known people have been trying to get others to hear the message. Some of these people have even made movies long before the popular Al Gore fest An Inconvenient Truth. Either way my verbal sparring partners that evening swore that Al Gore was the loudest voice and that more people listened than ever before when he spoke. The question I’ll ask now is what real change have those words created? You still have companies polluting our air and water. Most of the United States energy needs are still met from non ecofriendly sources. In most cases relying upon natural resources that are limited.

Your average person really could care less about what is going on with the climate. Unless there comes a point where that situation directly effects them in some way. Proof of this is simple. Here in the United States we are once again seeing extremely high gas prices. At some point we may see shortages like we did during the Carter Administration. Yet most people you talk to would be hard pressed to want to make changes. All of these people will complain about the cost of gas and how it effects them. But I’d tend to bet if you asked them to drive a new type of vehicle they would thumb their nose at this. Al Gore’s stoner son’s Toyota Prius doesn’t make the family any less hypocrites by the way. Although it is good he at least picked a hybrid that lives up to most of it’s hype. Compared with other hybrids coming on the market.