What exactly did Al Gore do to earn a Nobel Peace Prize

I’m fully aware all of these are minor changes in the big picture. And yes our household energy comes from a coal plant unfortunately. So this does reduce the overall benefit of the electric lawn mower. But if everyone made these small changes then a positive impact could be the result. If those that could afford to lead by example would. Instead of claiming carbon credits make up for all their traditional energy usage. This would make a greater impact on the big picture. If regulations were enforced and implemented some harmful effects could be reduced as well. In the end it seems as if most people will just talk about it or complain and demand they get their cheap gas and electric. With no concern for how that effects everyone around them.

The two men at Friday’s could care less about making a positive change. Their egos and ideals had been challenged so their alcohol courage had them puffing out their chest in a statement of how dare you be critical of our man. I truly doubt they have made any changes in their lives to walk the walk in any manner.

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