China8 Project Cargo Container Advertising Olympics 2008

I can’t remember if this photo was taken before or after the China 8 preview party at Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal Pier 66 ( I know I zoomed in from our balcony ). I’m thinking it was taken after. Since our room at The Edgewater Hotel last year was facing the water we got to see the tug boat bring in this barge with the container advertisements. We also were able to witness the setup for the preview party that took place behind Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal Pier 66. Normally you would see a cruise ship docked right at this location. Pier 66 is right next door to the Edgewater Hotel. At one point after the party we got to see the containers maneuvered in between the cruise terminal and the hotel. Then at another time it moved back out to the water. I’m not sure when we noticed the floating advertisement was gone. But at that point we figured we wouldn’t be seeing it again. Imagine our surprise when we were on the Seattle Duck Tour and saw this same barge parked next to a popular Chinese restaurant that is located on the waterfront.

From what I found out previously this was a marketing campaign for the 2008 Olympics. I’m now reading that it’s a little bit more than that. The China8 Project is a blend of advertising, humanitarian initiative and new shipping containers that are supposed to be tamperproof.

All I know is that no one in my room outside and above the party was invited. I saw the tent and other party items getting setup. As I mentioned above I saw different placement and movement of the barge over a few days. The party was easily heard and seen from our room at the Edgewater Hotel. Although I don’t think any of those attending this event paid me any attention on the balcony.

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My adventures in Seattle Washington

The link below has a photo of the area where the party took place.

Our view to the left from The Edgewater Hotel 2007

Our view from The Edgewater Hotel 2007

China 8 Project coming into Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal Pier 66

China 8 Project preview party being setup

China 8 Project preview party tent setup

Below is a picture of what you would normally see at the party location. This cruise ship came in a day or two after the China8 preview party. The photo was taken from our balcony at the Edgewater Hotel last year. To the left of the ship is where the party took place.

Cleaning windows on Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship Norwegian Pearl

Let Leonard in the Seattle Aquarium

China8 Project Sneak Preview lights up the waterfront

China project to launch shipping container ads – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

CHINA 8 About Us

The China8 Project  Blue Flavor

The China 8 Project Launch  Blue Flavor China8 Project my first job at Blue Flavor

China8 Project my first job at Blue Flavor on Flickr

Erudite Systems – Home

GBoards Incorporated

China8 Project Delivers Goods, Humanitarian Aid to China in Never-Before Seen 4-Dimensional Advertising Medium

Shipping Containers Bound for 2008 Olympic Games Pilot Security Technology While Offering High Visibility Exposure in China

China8 project boxes up grand ad plan –

ABC News China8 project boxes up grand ad plan

How Technology Can Help the 2008 Olympics ~ Chris Pirillo

In the photo linked below you can actually see a portion of the front of The Edgewater Hotel in the background. Our room was way off to the left of that and then some.

Michelle at the China8 party on Flickr

Here is the Blue Flavor advertisement super sized.

Bigger than an Escalade. on Flickr

Blue Flavor on a barge. on Flickr

China8 launch party at Pier 66 on Flickr

China 8 Project on Flickr

Blue Flavor under and Escalade on Flickr

The Gboards on Flickr

‘China8 Project’ will put ads on shipping containers Business Briefing

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