What is my view on Global Warming

I thought it might be worthwhile to try and clarify my viewpoint on Global Warming after writing my Al Gore article. It’s my personal belief that what we do and how we use the resources of the Planet we call Earth can have a negative impact. Over the years we have seen the effects of various industries and how they create pollution and in many cases sickness. Within that same amount of time we have seen that most countries could care less about these issues. Most regulatory agencies do not adequately do the job they are entrusted with. None of this is some type of political statement. What it is – is a statement of fact. History shows us time and time again that agencies entrusted to keep us safe don’t do a very good job with the task.

To me it seems odd that people would try and claim that we don’t have an impact upon the environment in which we live. I find this strange do to the fact that all you have to do is read some history to show that humans do in fact have a negative impact upon our surrounds. It’s also a fairly solid fact that most people could care less about what that impact is. These are the ones who have the mentality of why should I have to change. Many of these people are also the ones who argue that Global Warming doesn’t exist. As I’ve said previously even if there is no environmental threat of Global Warming it still won’t hurt us as a society to clean up our act.

The fact is that change will happen over time. Again history has shown us that change will take place upon the planet. Not all of this would be seen as positive change for the human population. The large debate becomes what is just natural progression versus people screwing everything up. Once again I would point out that the past shows us that human trial and error ( our learning process ) can have very negative effects. So to me it’s a no brainer that the pollution we produce could in fact be causing environmental change. I think the question becomes is the threat as serious as some would have us believe? Or is a good amount of this just natural change taking place.

Honestly the debate shouldn’t matter. You have many in the United States screaming about how we shouldn’t be dependent upon foreign oil. These same people are those that are saying we should be producing goods within our own borders. Yet many of these people for various reasons aren’t backing up their words with actions. What many fail to realize is that making a few changes towards the opinions above could have a positive environmental impact. I’m not saying that we can or should stop being part of the global economy. But if we produce products in an environmentally friendly way at home we reduce our impact on everything around us. Whether you believe in Global warming or not. There is no debating that most manufacturing processes have an extremely hard impact on our environment. The vehicles we drive have also been proven over the years to not be doing us any health favors as well.

So why is there a need for debate? Part of it is everyone wants to be right and save face. A good portion of it is politics and personality. A good majority see environmentalist as a bunch of freaky hippies. And in many cases the shoe does fit. But the fact remains that some of what these strange campfire singers are doing should be looked at in a positive way. Finding ways to implement these processes into everyday society would be a smart way of doing things. Unfortunately a good majority of people across the world don’t see things this way. This isn’t helped by the fact that many see Global Warming warnings as crying wolf. The scary thing is that if those screaming out the warnings are right. Once we find this out it would almost certainly be to late to reverse the situation.

While change in the short term could cause undesired affects upon employment and the economy in general. I think the dramatic forecast have been overstated by a large portion. As a society we must embrace change as a method of growth and expansion. You don’t evolve without change. Driving vehicles based upon more natural sources of fuel puts us back in the drivers seat. And I’m not talking about fuel sources from food production. There are methods to create fuel from waste and other natural products we do not eat. At the very least driving vehicles with better fuel economy and less emissions is a good start. The thing is no one is creating laws that force industry to head in this direction. This isn’t helped by the fact that consumers aren’t embracing or demanding change.

If the goods we manufacture and transport are made and shipped in more eco-friendly ways this benefits everyone. It benefits the workers health and lowers the impact on our surroundings. In many cases new manufacturing methods can reduce waste. This not only is better for the environment it can also improve profit margins do to being more efficient. So what is the downside to making some or all of the changes the Global Warming supporters what us to make? In the short term with any change there will be bumps in the road. Yet in the end I think we would see positive results take place. So instead of everyone wasting energy on who is right. Wouldn’t it make more sense to come together and find some common ground? At this point no true results are being seen. No progress is being made.

Honestly I think changes will have to start within each others homes. Current laws and regulations aren’t being enforced or are to weak to bring forth any results. The one thing some of those crazy inventors and hippies have right is taking matters into their own hands. If enough people decide enough is enough and walk the walk instead of just talking. Then maybe some forward momentum will start to take place. Even if the Global Warming warnings are all wrong. Making changes is still worth the effort. Clean air and water are something we all should want. Companies who take the task of reducing their impact and the health of their workforce seriously is something we should encourage. Not holding our nation hostage by relying upon oil and gas won’t be a bad thing. You would think that citizens of all countries would want to strive to be more self sufficient as a matter of national pride.

Just because you don’t like the messenger or the message doesn’t always mean it might not be worthwhile to listen. This is a hard lesson for all of us. Maybe Al Gore and others don’t have it right. And there is evidence that some of these talkers are talking out their backsides. By telling us all we are heading towards a climate disaster yet they continue to live a lifestyle that does nothing to reduce their impact. That was the point I wanted to drive home with the Al Gore story. You can’t expect others to change around you if you are not setting an example yourself.

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