Severe storm Heavy winds Springfield IL May 27 2013

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Although both batteries for my video camera were charged – I was still unprepared to catch this weather event. I had to rush to retrieve the camera then ran outside to try to capture the storm. I had a bit of a problem getting proper focus. Which wasn’t helped by the video camera being pounded by rain. You can see several times where I tried to wipe the mist from the lens. So far it doesn’t seem like the water did any damage to the camera – even though it’s not waterproof.

Local reports state – over 50 homes in a Riverton Illinois trailer park damaged ( Lincoln Place Mobile Home Park ). Power outages in surrounding communities have been reported. Lots of trees are down and flooding has been a major problem. As far as I’m aware there are no reports of severe injuries or any deaths related to this storm. A large amount of property damage to homes, businesses and vehicles continue to be reported. There have been no comparisons to how the current destruction compares to the devastating Springfield IL March 2006 tornado(s).

The audio in my video really doesn’t provide the true nature of how loud the wind was. I wouldn’t use the popular freight train terminology. But it was a very extreme rumbling / howling. It would have been easy for someone to think a tornado was blowing through our backyard. If it truly had been a tornado instead of high winds – there would have been a large amount of destroyed trees and property. Luckily that is not the case in our neighborhood – others in our community weren’t so lucky.

This is the second time this week that I have heard that eerie howling. Although this time it was much more intense. Unfortunately the video doesn’t do that sound justice. Granted my phone sending a weather alert while I was recording didn’t help matters. Probably not the smartest move to be hanging out on an outside porch recording with that amount of high wind blowing through the yard.

Water blowing in through the screen porch onto the camera also didn’t help me get the best results. In the rush to get out to record the event – didn’t grab some of the things I needed to keep dry. If I could have kept the camera dry I would have recorded longer.

The only damage in our neighborhood I’ve seen is a snapped tree limb in the yard of the house on the corner. By my neighbors behavior you wouldn’t even know our community has suffered a serious weather event. A bit after a family speaking a foreign language was out walking. Young kids and their parents just taking a stroll. A lady just passed on her nightly exercise routine. It’s like no one cares or thinks it’s a big deal. Never is until hits their home or family.

You can barely make it out – but at least one car drove past on Archer Elevator Road in the video. Definitely not weather you should be driving in if you can avoid it. Especially on a high trafficked two lane county road that is over capacity in amount of daily vehicles using it.

Amazingly the bird feeders we put outside on Friday night survived this storm and a few others this weekend.

Figured out the quality issue – video camera was still set to low light from the night before when I was trying to record that storm.

From SevereStudios Storm Chasers on Facebook.

“Tornado WARNING for eastern Springfield, IL metro. Rotation near CLEAR LAKE, IL moving toward DAWSON, BUFFALO, MECHANICSBURG.”

“Emergency management reports 48 mobile homes “damaged” near Riverton, IL. There was a TOR warning earlier there”

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