Major thunderstorms in Springfield IL region

A major set of thunderstorms are active in the Springfield, IL area at this time. About 30 minutes ago power in Chatham, IL flickered on and off several times. My UPS backup device kicked in but my monitor went nuts with the spike. The UPS protects against voltage spikes but my flat screen monitor was temperamental anyway. It is now back up and running properly but I’m typing this on our laptop. At the moment the storm seems to have calmed down. The temperature outside has cooled down tremendously though. If I remember right this type of fluctuation can lead to optimal chances for tornadoes.

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2 thoughts on “Major thunderstorms in Springfield IL region”

  1. Our lights flickered here also. Thats when I briefly went to the basement. Near Jefferson West and Veterans. We also had pea sized hail, 55-60 mph wind, broken branches, and such heavy rain visibility was less than 10 feet. Don’t know if our ups went off, do not think so, but I was not near it during the heat of the storm. Darla

  2. I was actually in the process of backing up my WordPress files and on the phone when the first round hit. The UPS didn’t even have time to give the audio beep before power kicked back on. Still not sure what caused my Hanns-G monitor to go ape. It is plugged into the UPS – so it is protected from voltage spikes and all that. Everything seems to have calmed down at this point. Hail was in the forecast from what I was told. Not sure if we got any in Chatham.

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