I 55 Northbound construction Thursday night

I made a a really stupid mistake Thursday night. Cheryl and I had decided to be helpful after being asked if we could do her sister a favor. So after visiting her father at St. John’s Hospital we headed towards Turn Out Dance Studio on Stevenson Drive in Springfield, IL. After picking up her niece we started the journey taking her home. This is where I made a very big error in judgment. Cheryl asked me which way we should take. The choices were Dirksen Parkway or I-55 North. At the time for some reason my mind went blank on remembering about the I-55 construction. Now keep in mind I’ve read about it in the newspaper. I’ve also seen the beginnings of this starting when we came back from East Peoria a few weekends back. But my mind was thinking highway equals faster. That was the furthest thing from the truth on Thursday night. Right as we came off the exit you could see the bright lights and the arrow sign telling you to merge left. Surprisingly someone was very nice and let us into the long line. Several people who merged behind us and one out of towner decided to try and get as close to the arrow sign as possible before merging. We have all seen these idiots on the road. Sadly some people further up front were nice and let the line cutters into the mix.

The next exit was South Grand. It was closed that evening. So we had to work our way to the original exit we wanted. Which wasn’t all that bad do to the fact that the construction barricades ended around the South Grand exit at that time. After trying to do some shopping on the North End of town we got back onto I-55 South. We were aware that there would be no delays on that side of the highway. This is were the real shocker comes into play. Traffic was backed up from around the Clear Lake exit all the way to the curve by the I-55 I-72 junction. Right about were the beer distributor warehouse is located. All traffic was at a dead stop¬†around 9PM. Similar to how some of the workers had looked when we headed North earlier in the evening. I’m not sure if they were on break or just couldn’t work at the time do to needing materials or do to the progress of the job being done.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened The State Journal Register and find a feature article on the front page in regards to the construction and the type of lights being used for the night work. You can see those lights on the equipment in the picture above.

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Closeup of GloBugs in action during I-55 construction

United Contractors Midwest

Illinois Valley Paving Co

TurnOut Movement Arts Studio

SJ-R.COM – Powerful GloBugs turn night into day for crews working on Interstate 55

Trying to find a website for the GloBugs manufacturer wasn’t easy. You would figure they would make it easier to find the product online. It would seem they share the GloBugs name with a fly fishing product.

GloBugs Multiquip Inc.

AWCI’s Construction Dimensions¬† Published for Contractors by the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry