Closeup of GloBugs in action during I-55 construction

Here is a close-up photo of GloBugs in action during I-55 construction. This was taking Thursday night while we were driving past the repaving taking place on I-55 Northbound. This is part of the road everyone in Springfield debates needing to be three lanes. Anyone who has ever watched traffic patterns on this highway and understands that I-55 is a major north south connection within the United States knows logically this road is overdue for being three lanes. Sadly this isn’t going to be done anytime soon. A good number of accidents and near misses could be avoided by adding this extra lane around Springfield. Unfortunately many who live in this area think of only themselves and not the overall big picture. I can’t even begin to count how many near misses I’ve seen over the years on this stretch of interstate. But instead of concern for the safety of travelers. You hear comments about how a small city like ours doesn’t need three lanes going around it. This directly shows that those who make these comments haven’t taken into account the amount of traffic that travels this road on a daily basis. Or the fact that tons of goods are shipped by truck using this route as well. Not having a third lane with that amount of large truck traffic is just dangerous. You see this same exact problem on parts of I-80 as well.

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I 55 Northbound construction Thursday night

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