Work starting on HD station additions for Comcast Springfield IL region

The work to bring the new high definition cable television¬†networks to Springfield, Illinois Comcast subscribers has started this morning. Currently this seems to be affecting my ability to watch the Sundance Channel at the moment. Work must be ongoing considering I can’t currently view the new HD stations at this time. Since we pay for the highest level of cable television and broadband service from Comcast. I’m sure that I’ll be able to view the new high definition stations when they become available. I’d venture to say that this mornings work should be for all of Comcast’s Central Illinois customers. However it should be kept in mind that at times these upgrades are staggered to reduced support calls and strain on the network. This upgrade should apply to all previous Insight Communications customers who were transitioned over to Comcast earlier this year.

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Update at 2:15 PM

At 7:30 or so this morning all the new stations were working properly. I was able to view all the HD network additions. However now I’m getting the same situation I was getting this morning when Comcast was bringing the new high definition stations online. I’d really prefer not to have to make a telephone call to their support services. As far as I remember the Comcast letter I received made no mention of a price increase or the need to pay more for the new additions.

Yes I’m aware that a price increase was mentioned for other programming. But I don’t remember the letter stating I would have to pay more to view the high definition stations being added to our local programming.

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Update 9:03 PM 4/30/08

When I checked earlier this evening all the new high definition channels were now working.

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  1. As of this morning I am still without the new channels. A call to Comcast yielded “they are having problems with HD channels in my area and they have a trouble ticket in”. I know of others in my area who have successfully been receiving their channels for several days so I am hopeful my wait will not be much longer. According to all the information I have read, the new HD channels should show up without an increase in the bill. Once this occurs it will make me much happier to see my Mythbusters in HD.

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