Multiquip Inc ignores online media

I always find this type of thing interesting. Granted it shouldn’t surprise me in the least. But this is yet another example of a company that just doesn’t get it. Yes the State Journal Register article for the Multiquip Inc. product Glowbugs had a big audience offline and on the SJR website. However I’d tend to bet my two articles with photos has sent the Multiquip Inc. website a good amount of traffic. Especially considering the fact you couldn’t even find their website using the product term used in the SJR article when it went live. Now using the term Glowbugs you can find information on the product that you would have been hard pressed to find previously without knowing the company name.

It should be kept in mind that depending on your location and Internet Service Provider ( ISP ) the results you see when using various search engines will differ. But using my Comcast connection currently Google ranks me above the SJR article for the term Glowbugs. Yahoo has The State Journal Register ahead of me but I am in the the top 15. Why am I bringing this all up? Unlike many other online writers recently this isn’t some type of ego trip. I am wanting to point out how traditional companies don’t always use the internet to their full advantage. Of course they made a big deal about The State Journal Register article on the Multiquip Inc. website. This is because that news source is traditional media. Yet even though I provided an interesting story and two real life photos of their product. Multiquip has obviously decided I’m not worthy of the same treatment as the SJR.

This is of interest for a few reasons. One you would think that this company would acknowledge all news sources in an equal way. You would also figure they would be happy to thank those who have given press to their product. Not to mention the fact that these sources have now given the Glowbugs product a better online presence within search engines. Even though I currently outrank SJR on what most people consider the most popular search engine. I’m still not given any credit for my own article on the Multiquip website. Most likely because they don’t feel my website is traditional media and they won’t get enough eyeballs headed in their direction.

We have seen many examples of this over the years. Companies that just aren’t aware of how to take advantage of new media opportunities. These same organizations have no clue how to foster a beneficial working relationship with online communities and writers. Only a small handful have learned how powerful the words of even unknown writers online can be.

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With a quick recheck of the search results. I’m now not seeing either source within the search engines. Odd.

On a quick side note Illuminati Motor Works did the same exact thing as Multiquip. They acknowledged on their website the articles done on them within The State Journal Register and The Illinois Times. But refused to give me any link love when I did a large article that included mention of their Automotive X PRIZE quest. One of their competitors Tesla Motors was paying attention though. Granted they didn’t give me any big props in any way either.

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