Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute versus Hoover Tempo

The picture above shows our old and new vacuum cleaners. I did crop the photo a bit. If you click the picture you will get a full view. I took this photo so I could do a side by side comparison of both products. I wanted to share my experience with the Hoover Tempo compared to being a Dyson DC17 Animal owner for many months now. What I can say right off the top is that the experience has been like night and day. The other question I can get out of the way quickly is this. Is a $500 plus vacuum cleaner really worth it? In my opinion the answer is yes. Granted years ago in Sam’s Club I did make a little fun of someone who was making a Dyson purchase.

So why is owning a Dyson so much better than owning the Hoover Tempo? Ease of use for one thing. But before I get heavy into the pros and cons let me give everyone a bit of background on our Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute purchase. I did a good amount of reading online before deciding which model Dyson I wanted to purchase. This research included reviewing other manufacturers models to decide if they had anything that would steer me away from making the jump to a Dyson. What I was looking for was a vacuum that did it’s job better than our Hoover. I had read that a Dyson had less working parts than most vacuums. This appealed to me because if you have less parts there is less of a chance of something going wrong or breaking.

While reading different websites and customer comments I saw good and bad in relation to Dyson products. Some people just loved them while others swore they were the most horrible vacuum they had ever owned. It’s not unusual to see such a variety of opinions when reading about a popular product. What needs to be kept in mind that online it can be hard to tell the real customer opinion from the fake. In many online forums or review sites you will find planted reviews. These come from users who are paid to badmouth the competition. That doesn’t mean that every negative review isn’t real. What this does mean is that consumers should use caution when reading opinions expressed in regards to products online.

Sometime ago I was asked what made me choose a Dyson. At the time I was caught a bit off guard by the question but tried to give an honest account of things. The truth is when we purchased the Dyson even after all the research it was still a bit of a gamble. There is always the concern of will the product live up to the hype. In my opinion so far it has. With my new vacuum purchase I wanted a product that would do the job of cleaning our carpet better than the Hoover had. I was looking for an effective vacuum but with less filters to have to unclog constantly. I’d hoped to be able to find a machine that would be effective but with less parts. No one in my household has ever liked to change drive belts on a vacuum. The Dyson doesn’t have this problem since it doesn’t use a vacuum belt. Of course this appealed to me. With no vacuum belt hassles this would be a plus for the Dyson. One less thing to break.

I was hoping to stick with a bagless model. The whole hooking the bag up and then removing it process just never appealed to me. Even with bag models you get nasty dust kicking up into your face during the removal process. Even though Dyson uprights are certified asthma and allergy friendly™ according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America everything is not perfect. With a quick release button all the contents that have been vacuumed up will exit the collection chamber from the bottom of the container. However even when this is fully placed within a garbage receptacle you can get some kick back. Meaning dust particles may fly back at you. Using a larger garbage can might solve the majority of this problem. When a little more care is taken during the emptying process you can almost fully eliminate any dust related problems. However the Dyson is much more effective in reducing dust and other particles from being airborne compared to our old Hoover. The Hoover Tempo would exhaust dust right back into the area you were cleaning. This would take place even though I cleaned the filters after every use. Our Hoover Tempo would have clogged filters after only vacuuming a small portion of the house. Granted at the time we had two cats. Unfortunately now we are only a one cat household. The Dyson was in use when the house had two cats. Emptying the Hoover Tempo wasn’t that much of a chore. However putting the container back in place always seemed to be an issue. The container also empties from the top which can cause dust and other particles to kick back up when your removing it’s contents.

With dirty air being exhausted from the Hoover Tempo along with the constant need to clean multiple filters. Our carpets just never felt as they were fully cleaned. If you happened to accidentally run over something the belt drive would of course burn up quickly. To where your home would have that burnt rubber smell. Not to mention the aggravation of having to replace the belt itself. You just don’t have these types of issues with a Dyson. After six months of use the only filter on the Dyson didn’t look near as dirty as the multiple Hoover filters did after one use. There is no belt to worry about burning up. Our carpet looks and feels cleaner. And you definitely don’t feel like you should be wearing a dust mask when using the Dyson.

Although the process is not fully Asthma and Allergy friendly in my opinion. A Dyson is much easier to clean than the Hoover Tempo. With a quick release button you have access to the motor of the Dyson. You can easily wipe down everything that has any dust or other particles on it. This process can be done with a dry cloth. To clean the air shafts you could do the same and even use a little compressed air to fully make sure things are cleaned out properly. To clean all the filters and other parts of the Hoover Tempo would require several screws to be unscrewed and then replaced. The Dyson just offers an overall ease of use experience. Granted for a much higher price point you would expect this to be the case.

3 thoughts on “Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute versus Hoover Tempo”

  1. I agree with you for the most part – Dyson makes a wonderful vacuum. I do however like the Hoover Whisper and some other models, they give Dyson some pretty good competition.

  2. Frist thing: The Hoover Tempo BAGGED is a great vacuum. The Bagless model is crap, Hoover did not know how to make bagless until recently. The belt is a problem on all vacuums.

    Two: YOU THINIK YOU’LL BE SAFE FROM REPAIRS WITH YOUR DYSON!? HA! The belt on a Dyson (called a clutch) will need to be replaced yearly. The vacuum store I shop at always has AT LEAST 20 Dysons in because of that.

    Dyson is not a good brand.

    1. You say Dyson is not a good brand but you don’t say what brand is so please do tell which brand is?

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