Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute versus Hoover Tempo

However not everything is all praise in the world of Dyson. There a few things you have to get use to when using this product. And there is at least one or two design flaws in my opinion. These are the fact that onboard attachments like with many other vacuums don’t stay attached to the unit always. You also can’t use the wand to suck up dust or particles without fully undoing the power cable. Because of the wand design you must make sure all of the power cable is detached from the wand to use it. Why is this an issue? There are many times I just want to do some quick light dusting or just pick up dirt from a small area using the wand. You shouldn’t have to unwind all the power cable to do this. Also keep in mind you must put your foot on the front of the Dyson unit to get everything down to the vacuum position. Learning how to operate the wand takes a bit of getting use to as well. Granted most of these things are just part of a learning curve with a new product that just operates a bit differently than other competing vacuums. But the wand use issue really annoys me often. The way the power cable is released from the wand makes getting started easier. But once again we have a vacuum that fails in regards to cable management during the vacuuming process. Although the long cord comes in handy.

The more I think about it I really should just do the video I’ve been thinking about making. This would properly show what I’m trying to express above. My thoughts are the Dyson does the job of vacuuming better. I don’t regret spending the massive amount of money to purchase it. It helped that we got a $100 gift card at the time of purchase. This reduced the sticker shock just a bit. Honestly I feel the Dyson has made the job of vacuuming easier and more effective. I prefer a product that is efficient and reduces my aggravation and time spent doing the cleaning process. It is even more beneficial when the product does the job better than the previous model used. While I’ve not tested the Dyson on all carpet types or under all conditions. I can say that if you live in a multiple animal household you will notice the Dyson does the job of cleaning your carpet better. My personal experience with the Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute has been far from negative. So far I’ve been very pleased with our purchase.

It’s taken me this long to write a review for multiple reasons. One I have tons of stuff I want to write about but never get around to doing so for many reasons. I also really wanted to put the Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute through it’s paces and let the Dyson wow factor wear off before writing a review.

Zorb and the Dyzolv aren’t really worthwhile additions to compliment the Dyson. The company would be better off finding better more eco-friendly sources to improve carpet stain removal. I have found the mini turbine head to be a very useful tool in cleaning rugs and window blinds.

I think it would help Dyson marketing if consumers were offered just a few less model choices. I’m all for selection and options. But I think with Dyson this can confuse customers. It’s sort of like buying a car. You really have to look at each model and analyze each component. Trying to figure out what makes one Dyson model better than the other can be a bit frustrating I think. With any purchase doing research and reading multiple opinions is always reccommended. I wouldn’t hesitate in stating a Dyson purchase is worth the money.

Now here is the disclaimer I always try to make when doing a product review. What is stated above is my honest opinion. I’m not giving you a Dyson positive review just to get you to purchase one and earn me a commission. I’m affiliated with many other vacuum manufacturers. So as I’ve said in the past. I don’t really care which vacuum or other product you purchase as long as you do so from me. With that said I would like to always try to steer readers in what I feel is the right direction and the best value for their money.

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3 thoughts on “Dyson DC17 Animal Absolute versus Hoover Tempo”

  1. I agree with you for the most part – Dyson makes a wonderful vacuum. I do however like the Hoover Whisper and some other models, they give Dyson some pretty good competition.

  2. Frist thing: The Hoover Tempo BAGGED is a great vacuum. The Bagless model is crap, Hoover did not know how to make bagless until recently. The belt is a problem on all vacuums.

    Two: YOU THINIK YOU’LL BE SAFE FROM REPAIRS WITH YOUR DYSON!? HA! The belt on a Dyson (called a clutch) will need to be replaced yearly. The vacuum store I shop at always has AT LEAST 20 Dysons in because of that.

    Dyson is not a good brand.

    1. You say Dyson is not a good brand but you don’t say what brand is so please do tell which brand is?

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