Heavy winds severe storm May 30 2013

Things start off with a bit of heavy wind. The skies don’t look all that dark – but then that begins to change. I’m still amazed that after all the severe weather we have had this past week – we still have trees and the wooden power poles didn’t collapse. Lets hope things stay that way. You can definitely see the trees being put to the test again.

I had pre-tested a plastic bag – thinking I could use it as a rain cover for the camera and lens. The video shows that when I implemented that concept – it was an epic fail. Which unfortunately makes a good amount of the middle part of the video a bit hard to watch. Definitely missed some of the more hardcore action do to my choice of video camera protection.

Once again there were plenty of cars traveling down Archer Elevator Road in Springfield Illinois during this storm. A few can be seen coming to a stop. I’m very surprised to not have seen a car crash do to weather. Considering no one seems to stay home or pay attention to weather alerts / warnings.

Most of the recent severe weather seems to have been fast moving storms. That is shown in the video – the extreme weather goes away just as fast as it had shown up.

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