John Edwards sells out endorses Barack Obama

I’ve avoided getting into the politics of the Presidential Elections for 2008. And honestly I’m not going to get longwinded with my opinion right now. All I will say is that John Edwards really just sold out. Barack Obama is no John F. Kennedy no matter what many of you might think. Interesting how everyone who hates Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich refuse to acknowledge that Obama has connections with the same individuals the current Illinois Governor calls associates. But now is trying to distance himself from. All the Illinois Barack Obama supporters are also failing to realize Obama is saying some of the same exact things Blagojevich did to get elected. Lets not even get into what an outright hate monger Barack Obama’s wife is. Oh I’m sure many will say that the Edwards move was great political strategy. But in my opinion this is just another example of a political sell out.

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  1. So who are you supporting this year? BTW how’s life going on in Springpatch these days.

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