Squirrel defeats Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone III Feeder Model 337

It’s official the squirrel wins against the Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone III Feeder Model 337. The only problem is now I don’t which one squirrel it is. After going live with my article yesterday I tried to keep an eye outside to see if I could catch the squirrel doing it’s bird feeder acrobatics again.

Imagine my surprise when I looked out and saw two squirrels instead of one. I had only seen one previously. From the video I recorded it looks like the squirrel I’ve seen the past few days eating on the ground is not the same one who is defeating the Squirrel-Be-Gone.

They were both eating at the same time yesterday – that is the first time I observed the two of them together.

My only option to stop the squirrels feeding would be to move the bird feeder to a new location. This isn’t something I want to do. The feeder is at it’s lowest spring setting – the squirrel just isn’t putting enough weight on it – to cause the protective cage closing action.

I have one item that will in fact deter the squirrel for a little bit. This morning and yesterday I used a Ride the Ducks of Memphis yellow quaker to scare both squirrels off. Interesting that this morning the one on the ground didn’t run – but the one by the feeder still hated the sound and took off up the tree.

Just looked out – that squirrel is stubborn – back at the feeder – gave the quaker a blow and he was gone. Now two has turned into three. Two brown squirrels and one grey. It’s one of the browns who is the acrobat.

Now the quaker has lost it’s scare ability. Brown squirrel is gone but now the grey is attacking the feeder. Ran the grey off – then made an adjustment to the feeder springs. I’ll see if that makes a difference. I thought I had springs at the best setting for the cage to work. Maybe a bit more trial and error will get the job done right.

I wasn’t very good at multi-tasking – recording video and trying to operate a quaker at same time just doesn’t work well.

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