State Journal Register finally gets it right

Well someone finally got there head out of their backside over at the State Journal Register. I really wasn’t hoping for much in regards to their much hyped website redesign. But I honestly have to say someone got it right this time. You have a very easy to find search function. Keep in mind I have not tested this for functionality at this point. Ok I just did they are using Google for their results. The new design features ease of use and functionality. Something greatly lacking with their old website. The State Journal Register site now has a clean look with easy to follow and use tabs at the top. A big improvement from the past. However the wait for this was way to long. There should be no excuse for not bringing this end user experience to visitors sooner. The designers even got proper titling right. That in itself is amazing online nowadays. The only downside I’ve found so far is that it seems hyperlinks back to their website are broken. So any link to older articles linked from this site don’t work at the moment.

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Welcome to the new – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register This link no longer works SJR has taken it down.

Update – Unfortunately it looks like old bad habits don’t die quickly. They aren’t keeping certain stories permalinked. So again we will see content disappear and reappear at random with no explanation. While I’m all for free flowing articles that get updated with new information. I’m totally against removing content and not explaining why. In most cases they either  feel an updated version is better or that the article no longer serves a purpose. To me the way they process things now is not proper. The temp story crap has to stop. Keep up the original content with the new editions added. Don’t take the original down.

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