Sucking up Seventh Generation bathroom tissue into a Dyson DC17 Animal is not good

Yesterday I was vacuuming with our Dyson DC17 Animal and had a little bit of an incident. While I was vacuuming the floor in our back bathroom with the Dyson wand I accidentally grabbed hold of the Seventh Generation bathroom tissue roll. Needless to say the Dyson started sucking in the roll at a very fast pace. Even though I acted in what I felt was an acceptable reaction time the damage had been done. Seventh Generation bathroom tissue was sucked into the innards of our Dyson Animal. You can imagine the horror my mind was going through at this time. Not to mention being unhappy about wasting toilet paper. Yes I should have aimed the wand lower and closer to my intended target.

So now the troubleshooting process must begin. The Dyson DC17 Animal has clear tubing so you can see where a clog would be. There was no clog from what I could see. The vacuum had continued to work sucking up the toilet paper roll with no intent on stopping anytime soon. Where there was a slight clog was in the intake for the vacuum’s container. This was easily resolved by just removing the container as I normally would to empty it. I then just pulled the Seventh Generation bathroom tissue out. When I turned the Dyson back on it seems there must have been more toilet paper hiding somewhere within the unit. Because more ended up heading for the collection container. Again following the steps above everything was resolved in seconds.

Cheryl and I both wondered out loud what a mess this would have caused if this had been our old Hoover in use. I can say for certain I don’t think the fix would have been so easy. It would have been surprising to see the Hoover still working after such an event. The Dyson Animal Absolute kept running like a charm after this incident. Granted if I had done my job of aiming a bit better this wouldn’t have been a problem to start with. But it is nice to know the Dyson can take a little abuse now and then and still do it’s job.

I’m sure my neighbors thought the world had ended or something. Our windows were open when I encountered the Seventh Generation eating Dyson. You get a little uneasy quickly when your $500 vacuum starts sucking up things that aren’t supposed to be on the menu. I really should have taken a picture of the results. I was more worried about fixing the problem at the time though.

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