Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone III Feeder Model 337 BIG FAIL

My recent purchase of a Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone III Bird Feeder Model 337 has to be one the worst purchases I have made recently. This bird feeder is nothing but a pain in the ass. And it’s not even remotely squirrel resistant. The only thing the product succeeds at is looking nice. But even that won’t last long. The hanger hinge is already wearing and will start to rust soon. Used the provided free hook to hang it. That hook is rubbing into the hanger hook on the feeder and has caused wear. Even though this unit has only been outside for a few days.

The cheaper Perky-Pet Wild Bird and Finch Feeder which looks cheap – because it is all plastic – has held up much better. The squirrels haven’t even tried to attack this feeder. The birds seem to prefer it also. But it doesn’t look nice like the Squirrel Be Gone. Lets add a correction – I just caught one of our squirrels sitting on the Wild Bird and Finch Feeder – it’s the only one out in the yard right now. So both products FAIL in regards to keeping the squirrels away – granted only one claims to be squirrel proof.

The Wild Bird and Finch Feeder offers much better ease of use and functionality compared to Squirrel Be Gone. Wild Bird and Finch Feeder is a much simpler less complicated design. The design of Squirrel Be Gone is overly complicated – doesn’t stop squirrels and makes loading feed a royal pain in the ass.

Squirrel Be Gone is a perfect example of product that obviously wasn’t tested with real people in the real world. If it had been the designers would have seen the lack of ease of use and functionality. I’m sure they would argue that loading feed is very simple. In theory it is. Unfortunately in practice it’s pure aggravation. You have to spin the whole top off – making sure to hold the bottom of the feeder – if not a good portion of the feeder will fall out to the ground. Most people will think you need to spin the top. But the whole top spins off – not sure how to explain it better. Easy enough to get it unscrewed once you see how it works.

Loading the feeder is simple as long as the chamber sides don’t separate on you. If they do – you will get seed in the chamber reserved for the screw that connects the top with the bottom. And here is the big problem!! Once the feeder is full you can’t see if you have the screw pole aimed right. So when trying to insert it to connect both pieces it’s a blind operation. There is enough room in the chamber that the screw will move around not hitting the mark.

Instead of just adding more metal to take the hole to the top for an easy screw in process. They made it a hit and miss process that is aggravating. It also makes it close to impossible to get closed and connected back up after filling the feeder.

The Wild Bird and Finch Feeder is much simpler and takes hardly no time to fill. It’s a straight single tube. You lift the lid – angle it to the side and fill with bird seed. No fuss no aggravation of trying to find the screw hole blindly.

So the more expensive Squirrel Be Gone is now sitting in our garage full of seed but not put together because the long screw pole won’t hit it’s mark. Just bad design. Which is obviously why our squirrels have an easy time figuring out how to get around the products “defenses”.

I’m sure it’s obvious by now I’m less than a happy customer. Our old wooden feeder wasn’t as durable as it needed to be. But never had any issues getting it loaded and ready for the birds to eat. Can’t say as much for the Squirrel Be Gone.

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