If it’s as simple as putting new battery technology in an EV1 why hasn’t it been done

Here is a question that has been on my mind for sometime. So far I’ve never come across an answer to it. To me it seems simple enough. On all the television shows and movies related to eco-friendly subjects some of the people seem to think things are this simple. So I’ll ask. If it’s as simple as putting new battery technology in an EV1 why hasn’t it been done? At least one person in the movie Who Killed the Electric Car stated the solution is this simple. I’ve seen others state the same. There are companies that do electric conversions with older battery technology in it’s newer form. However these conversions are not cost effective. And yes even though most peoples daily driving needs would be met with a electric car or electric conversion. There is some compromise involved. In some cases even needing to make sure you have a 220 voltage outlet available. Not to mention charging times. Although for most peoples daily routines this would work well though. Since you’re charging while sleeping.

If the solution is truly as simple as using newer batteries then why aren’t we seeing sub compacts using newer battery technology coming off the assembling line right now? Why are we still in “it’s coming in the future” mode? What is even more aggravating than waiting on the technology to be available. Is the fact that General Motors might be right. Consumers even when faced with incredibly high gas prices aren’t willing to purchase effective alternative vehicles that reduce our dependence upon other countries resources. You would think out of pride, logic, and economics consumers would be willing to take the steps needed. By making smart choices with their wallets. However from what I’ve seen and heard not enough people are willing to start heading in the right direction.

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2 thoughts on “If it’s as simple as putting new battery technology in an EV1 why hasn’t it been done”

  1. I am not sure I understand the question.
    First the cars were reclaimed by GM and crushed, therefore there are no cars to convert.
    If you are suggesting that New EV1’s be built with new battery technology, I think it would be a good idea. But GM thinks otherwise. First they were very expensive and would have to be re-engineered and assembly line be re-created to produce the car at reasonable cost. GM decided not to do that, but make the Volt instead. They have the plans and knowledge, and presumably have made the best choice, that is to take their knowledge learned by the EV1 and apply it to a completely new and improved product.

  2. If you don’t understand the question there really isn’t much I can do to help you understand. The article was simple enough. The claim is always made that dropping in an electric engine with some batteries into a vehicle is simple and easy. This was mentioned several times during Who Killed The Electric Car.

    I asked I felt very clearly above. If this is so simple why is no one doing it? Unfortunately most of us who do some reading know that conversions or electric production vehicles aren’t cheap to produce at this point. Granted if the automotive industry had taken the technology seriously – cost might not be the issue it is today.

    The time for a mass of electric cars to be on the road is long overdue. But those who make claims that it is as simple as dropping in a battery pack into a vehicle aren’t being fully truthful.

    There really can be no debate that the electric vehicles that have been on the road for some time now are in fact reliable. It’s not the technology that is lacking it’s cost and mass production.

    It’s frustrating when you do good work and then someone jumps in with a comment such as the one above. I have yet to be given credit for being a very good resource to learn about alternative vehicles. No matter how times or different ways I have discussed the subject.

    Again I’m not sure how I can be more clear. The claim was made in the movie that putting in current battery technology into a EV1 type vehicle would lead to an electric car revolution. If it’s this simple – Why is no one currently doing it? More to the point why are those who want an electric car with any type of range having to pay at least a $110,000 base price to purchase a vehicle that meets this standard.

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