New Kids on the Block are back

I had heard this time was coming. But today it looks as if it’s official. New Kids on the Block are back on the scene. The band loved and hated by many has reunited. Now let me tell you a story from years ago. These New Kids on the Block were just that at the time. It was just before they were about to hit it big. One day many long days ago I was hanging out around the Hilton in Springfield, IL. An old beat up tour bus was parked in the area at the time. I didn’t know it until a bit later but New Kids on the Block had just got done playing a gig at Stage 2 in Springfield. I hadn’t attended the concert the night before. But what I did get was a memorable life moment.

I bet none of the New Kids would remember this moment from years ago. I’m sure they have long forgotten about that old beat up tour bus that they had when they first started out. Either way that day long ago I did what I had done many times before to meet many well known bands. I stood my ground and staked out the area until those I wished to meet showed up. I’d seen some of their entourage walking around inside the Hilton ( Prick of the Prairie ). They were wearing the tour lanyards. So I knew with patience I would get to meet the band. Which is exactly what I did.

The tour bus had pulled up right in the area where Barack Obama would exit his hotel years later. At the time the hotel across the street from the Hilton was called the Ramada Renaissance. The tour bus was parked in the middle of the street between the front door of the Hilton and the side door of the Ramada. It is here that I met and spoke with all the members of the band for a decent amount of time. I was giving them the usual song and dance that I had given others around that time. After a bit of time they said they had to be on their way. But not before signing some promotional material. Which ended up in the back of some girl’s car never to be seen by me again.

Just a little bit after this moment took place the band hit their stride and was the overnight sensation that everyone remembers them as. However the story does not end there. There was a time when I started working at Stage 2. This was where I met members of a band that for years The New Kids on the Block promoters would go back and forth on in regards to signing. One of my old roommates was with the members of this band for an all access backstage hang out session. Long story short this Springfield Illinois band never got signed by those that managed the New Kids as far as I can remember. For a very short time I called one of the band member’s residences on a not so peaceful street of the eastside home. At that time I know they hadn’t been signed by any major label.

Now of course this moment probably isn’t even a New Kid memory after all these years. It was probably a rather silly moment in the general scheme of things at the time. But like I’m sure many people after me that is my New Kids on the Block story. Myself and two other people talking in the middle of a Springfield Illinois street by a beat up worn out looking tour bus that had seen better days with a band that would soon become well known all over the world.

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