Switch60 LED Light Bulb by Switch Lighting Co

As far as I’m aware this Switch60 LED Light Bulb is one of the most expensive consumer bulbs. Unlike other LED bulbs on the market the Switch60 is liquid cooled versus air cooled. This could be one of the reasons it almost $30 more than the competition. It’s the only consumer LED that I’m aware of that is rated for enclosed fixtures. This light bulb is also the only one I’ve seen that claims to be rated for outdoor usage. Other LED manufactures offer bulbs that are damp rated ( Switch has this rating). This along with dimmable was hard to find when LED light bulbs first became available to consumers. Switch60 is dimmable.

Do to the price we only have one Switch60 in use in our home right now. The light bulb is being used in an outdoor enclosed fixture located inside our covered porch. If I had the money I would have loved to outfit all the fixtures in this house with Switch60’s. Just to replace the outlets running CFL’s – we would have to make a $700 purchase of Switch60’s. While the Switch60 may have better durability over time with liquid cooling. There are several cheaper name brand LED’s that also run at 12 watts.

We purchased 8 LG LB12D827L2W.E80JSU0 LED A19 Light Bulbs to replace the old 100 watt incandescent bulbs that were in our bathroom vanities from the previous owners. At the time those bulbs cost about $20 a piece – they are now priced at a bit under $17. These are air cooled and not rated for enclosed fixtures. But they are close to $33 cheaper than a Switch60 LED. We are using them in open fixtures.

In our old home we used multiple LG A19 7.5W LED Lightbulb 40W Equivalent – these cost around $20 in early 2012 when we purchased them.

In our new home we had to use these in some fixtures – Samsung – 300-Lumen, 5.2-Watt Dimmable Candle LED Light Bulb, 40-Watt Equivalent – Warm White. These cost $15 a piece.

The Switch60 LED Light Bulb may disperse light differently than the other LED’s. Then again it may just seem that way because the bulb is very clear and you can see how the LED’s are arranged. With the Switch60 the light seems equivalent to a traditional incandescent bulb. The LG LED light bulbs always seem brighter than the 60 watt incandescent they are replacing. Both operate well with the dimmers in our home.

In one room we did run into an issue with the Samsung Candle LED Light Bulb’s. We swapped these out with a not so well known brand and oddly enough those worked in the ceiling fan fixture giving us the problem.

Depending on how our one Switch60 LED Light Bulb performs – when we can afford it – I’d like to replace the CFL’s being used in two outside fixtures with this LED bulb.

With our recent light bulb investment we have greatly reduced the power usage of our home for lighting. While the initial cost per bulb is still high – the price has dropped dramatically in just the past two years for most consumer LED light bulbs. There are more options than what was available a year ago.

In my opinion if the longevity of these bulbs proves to be true. They are more than worth the cost. Especially when you consider the reduced energy cost over the life of the bulb. Keep in mind longevity may vary depending on how the light bulb is used.

A quick example of energy use reduction. Our bathroom had five bulbs being used at close to 460 watts. With our lighting upgrades we have reduced that to around 61 watts usage now. One bulb in each bathroom is a dimmable CFL. If we could have afforded to do so – I would have run a Switch60 in those outlets instead of the CFL. Keep in mind when used dimmed these bulbs may use even less energy.

When I first installed the Switch60 I did notice what seemed like one LED blinking. This seems to no longer be an issue. I will keep an eye on it. My girlfriend also noticed it. But I haven’t seen this behavior since the first use.

Update 10/8/2014 – Although I never saw news reports of this – supposedly Switch Lighting Co is out of business. Operations have been shutdown. Obviously consumers couldn’t figure out why their LED light bulbs were more expensive than competition.

What they failed to realize – unlike almost every other LED on the market – SWITCH could safely be used in an enclosed fixture – without concern for overheating and fire. That is a key reason their bulbs cost more – they could be used anywhere – like traditional light bulbs.

SWITCH LED competition can not be used outdoors or in enclosed fixtures – SWITCH light bulbs can be used both ways.

SWITCH did come out with lower priced bulbs – obviously to late to make a difference. Some online retailers still have SWITCH LED in stock – get them while you still can.

It frustrates me that this innovate company didn’t succeed.

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