Everyone had a different weather forecast the other day

The other day in our hotel room at the casino I was watching the weather forecast on WGN. This is a well known Chicago television station that broadcast nationwide in the United States. Weather that day in Chicago was reported to be in 60’s but closer to the 50’s if you were by the lake. That day the weather wasn’t to nice so I decided to take the non eco-friendly shuttle bus to the casino. During that trip a female casino suit and another employee got onto the bus. The casino suit makes mention that her computer said the temperature was in the 70’s. I asked her which website she used to get this information. She said that the information came from her Apple Widget.

At some point she decides that the information she received must have been flawed. Granted the data I got was for part of our region that was a few hundred miles away from East Peoria, IL. Most people are aware that temperature readings can vary even within this small amount of distance. So although it felt nowhere near the 70’s that day maybe the Apple Widget data was correct.

However the story does not end there. I’m at the craps table and later on in the day a gentleman who is also there is talking about how the temperature is in the 50’s. Now this would have been a little later in the day. At a time if I remember right that you would have thought the temperature would have been at it’s higher forecasted number. Since I didn’t discuss the subject with this person. I have no way of knowing where he obtained his information.

What I wanted to show here is a real world example of how people interact in regards to weather forecast. Like many things in regards to people interaction. Depending on who you talk to you can get different answers even when those people watched the same data being displayed. In this case we have three people who obtained weather data from various sources. Yet none of the sources seemed to agree. Now we could blame this on human error and lack of proper interpretation. But the fact is you can see a varying forecast when reviewing some of the more popular online weather resources. Rarely do these sources tend to agree.

You would assume that all the various weather forecasters are looking at pretty much the same data. Yet the interpretations of that data still vary. Which brings us back to some of the points I made in a very large article previously.

Who out of the three of us were right that day? Maybe all three of us. Maybe none of us. All I know is in the end I had a female casino suit looking down upon me as if I was just a piece of crap low life customer. No matter what she would say to the contrary. In the end however I had her realizing that this analysis she had concluded wasn’t right.

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