Can your car run on water alone

Now that gasoline prices have skyrocketed in the United States we are starting to see some old questions come back into the mainstream media and conversation. In many other parts of the world the price of gas has been high for years now. These countries have started exploring alternative fuel sources and technology years before the majority of US citizens even gave other options a thought. The truth is the majority of people in the US just want to keep the vehicle they have now and receive cheap gas. It still hasn’t dawned on them that it might be time to look at new avenues. For the few that have looked at what their options are – water may have come up in the exploration for alternative fuel. The question that has been asked over and over again is if you truly can run a car on water alone. Like many things – depending on who you ask you will get a variety of answers to that question.

There is a small minority of people around the world that swear you can in fact run a vehicle on water alone with only minor modifications to your current source of transportation. Many of these same people would tell you the reason we aren’t using water for fuel is do to various industries with different economic interest that are in fact stopping this technology from being put to use. On the other side of the coin you will hear scientist and others stating that it’s not possible to run a vehicle on water alone do to scientific principles.

Now the argument – some call it a conspiracy theory is what I mentioned above. That corporations have through various methods stopped this alternative fuel source from being readily available. On the other side of the discussion are scientist, enthusiast, and corporations. The argument being made is that if water technology can run vehicles then why isn’t it being done? Supposedly the plans for building a vehicle capable of running on water alone are freely available on the internet. So if the technology works why aren’t we seeing a large number of people putting the plans to use and running a vehicle on water? Some sources I’ve read swear they are doing exactly this. Running a vehicle purely on water. These people state in most cases that they are laying low do to what has happened to others who have gone public with this technology in the past.

Although history supposedly offers many stories of inventors trying to create a vehicle that runs on water as it’s fuel source. I think it could be argued that the name Stanley Meyer might be most familiar to the general public who have taken the time to research the subject. There are many that state this man was poisoned to silence his public enthusiasm and promotion of vehicles running water as fuel. Wikipedia states that his cause of death was do to a cerebral aneurysm. If I remember right there may have been a movie or television production based upon this story years ago. I can find no mention of that at this time.

Over the years my mind has a memory of reading or seeing on television a report of a man who sold his gasoline saving technology to General Motors. For some reason I’m thinking it was some type of carburetor. However I might have that wrong. I’ve never been able to track down information on what my memory has logged. What I remember most is the mention that this technology never saw the light of day again in any vehicle. All I know is what I read or saw at the time years ago stated that there was strong evidence to support that this device would in fact greatly increase gas mileage.

The brother of Stanley Meyer and a few others still claim to be running vehicles with water as the only fuel source. As far as I am aware their claims have never been independently verified. There are many inventors all over the world who claim to have invented revolutionary devices that could make the world a better place. At times it is hard to know what is just talk or truth. I’ve personally heard stories of how big corporations or others have stolen these ideas and sold them as their own. I could personally tell you a story about a few young kids in Texas many years ago who had to come up with an idea for a new product. You would most likely never believe that story even though it is in fact true. The product concept that was talked about that day and handed into the teacher – it is something many of you use every day. So maybe that old person or crazy neighbor isn’t just telling you wise tales after all. Then again maybe they are just an angry person spouting off what many would consider conspiracy theories.

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  1. There are plenty of similar videos – you’ll find one or two of those within the links I provided above. Several of those links also have YouTube videos supposedly showing working vehicles. But the science is still suspect in many regards. Lets not forget about practicality issues as well. I’m not saying the impossible might not be possible. Over time many things that couldn’t be done before end up getting done. But at this point I think a car running on water alone is a bit of smoke and mirrors.

  2. Water is burned hydrogen.
    Anyone who says they’re using it as fuel is an idiot, deluded, or wrong.
    Any money you were planning on giving them you can e-mail to me instead. I’ll put it to better use.

    Doesn’t the non-USA part of the world have higher gasoline prices due to taxes? Mostly put in place to encourage the citizenry to use public transportation and trains? Systems that are surprisingly affordable if your entire country is say smaller than Texas.

    As far as the citizenry of the USA not being interested in alternate fuel and conservation, do you remember the 1970s and glass pop bottles? No? Then shut up. I was there. We, the children of the 70s, wanted to recycle newspapers, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and our grass clippings. The adults didn’t. Industry didn’t. So we couldn’t.

    Thanks to the diligent work of dedicated individuals some recycling infrastructure exists. That and necessity: places like Bloomington, Indiana started major recycling programs in the 80s because they were rapidly running out of landfill space and needed to do something else with their trash.

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