Can your car run on water alone

I think the truth is that many great things have been invented in someone’s garage or basement. Just not all of these things have gone on to the greatness they deserve. So is this the case in regards to a water powered car? Science says that this isn’t the case. Hydrogen fuel cell technology just hasn’t been perfected. Even some of it’s strongest supporters would tell you this. Even though a certain California Governor can’t stop talking about it and drives one of his big General Motors Hummers with hydrogen technology at news conferences. The argument could be made that some of the smartest well educated people on the planet can’t get a hydrogen fuel cell to work. Then how can some gearheads in a garage do what they can’t?

With this in mind we are left to wonder. Does a vehicle that runs only water exist? Or are the people claiming to have such technology just part of an elaborate hoax or joke? Could the “conspiracy theories” be right? This wouldn’t be the first time that the most outrageous claims were found out many years later to be true. When economics are in play strange things can take place. If you ran a business that might in fact be destroyed or made obsolete by newer technology you didn’t own – Might you not take steps to make sure this technology was never put into place? In the past within the borders of the United States we have seen instances of companies making purchases or putting into motion events that to many would come close to bordering on unethical. So is this such a case in regards to a water powered car?

Many times viable alternatives are discarded as not valid because these ideas or products come from people seen as hippies, freaks or weirdoes. Like many others I sometimes find it hard to look past the label and mannerisms. But sometimes when you do you might find that what you’re being shown isn’t all that far out after all. I honestly have no clue if a water powered car truly exist or is even possible. All I can do is provide readers here with links to resources for you to read the items I have and to come to your own conclusions.

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The first link below is what got me to finally write this article. It has been one of those things I’ve wanted to do but hadn’t gotten to. I tend to be aggravated when people tell me they don’t know where to begin in regards to finding information in relation to certain subjects. Especially when they supposedly read me from time to time and know I cover those exact topics. While I hadn’t done a specific article on water powered vehicles. I did have several useful links included within the previous link above. This would have been a good starting point for anyone seeking information on the subject. I’ll include those and others I come across below.

Keep in mind at Gnomedex 7.0 last year I think Sterling Allan made a quick mention of the water powered car. I could be wrong in this regard. I’ve not gone to check video resources.

Quick clarification – the comment above was made in general in regards to multiple people. Not just the well known person linked below. Daily I have conversations that go something like this. Oh did you hear about such and such or do you know about this or that. My reply is yes I just wrote something on it the other day or I’ll state that I have covered the subject a few times. The reply is then oh really. Which in the end has my head spinning.

On another note booking the Tesla CEO for Gnomedex might be worthwhile.

Alternative Fuel and Hybrid Modifications Water4Gas ~ Chris Pirillo

Sterling Allan’s Gnomedex 2007 presentation linked below did in fact cover the subject of fueling a vehicle using water as the fuel source.

I forgot to mention above that I think the MythBusters actually tackled this subject in one episode.

Meanwhile, Adam and Jamie check under the hood of a sinister, automotive rumor. Are gas companies and car manufacturers in cahoots to keep gas mileage down and thus increase their profits?

3 thoughts on “Can your car run on water alone”

  1. There are plenty of similar videos – you’ll find one or two of those within the links I provided above. Several of those links also have YouTube videos supposedly showing working vehicles. But the science is still suspect in many regards. Lets not forget about practicality issues as well. I’m not saying the impossible might not be possible. Over time many things that couldn’t be done before end up getting done. But at this point I think a car running on water alone is a bit of smoke and mirrors.

  2. Water is burned hydrogen.
    Anyone who says they’re using it as fuel is an idiot, deluded, or wrong.
    Any money you were planning on giving them you can e-mail to me instead. I’ll put it to better use.

    Doesn’t the non-USA part of the world have higher gasoline prices due to taxes? Mostly put in place to encourage the citizenry to use public transportation and trains? Systems that are surprisingly affordable if your entire country is say smaller than Texas.

    As far as the citizenry of the USA not being interested in alternate fuel and conservation, do you remember the 1970s and glass pop bottles? No? Then shut up. I was there. We, the children of the 70s, wanted to recycle newspapers, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and our grass clippings. The adults didn’t. Industry didn’t. So we couldn’t.

    Thanks to the diligent work of dedicated individuals some recycling infrastructure exists. That and necessity: places like Bloomington, Indiana started major recycling programs in the 80s because they were rapidly running out of landfill space and needed to do something else with their trash.

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