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3 thoughts on “Can your car run on water alone”

  1. There are plenty of similar videos – you’ll find one or two of those within the links I provided above. Several of those links also have YouTube videos supposedly showing working vehicles. But the science is still suspect in many regards. Lets not forget about practicality issues as well. I’m not saying the impossible might not be possible. Over time many things that couldn’t be done before end up getting done. But at this point I think a car running on water alone is a bit of smoke and mirrors.

  2. Water is burned hydrogen.
    Anyone who says they’re using it as fuel is an idiot, deluded, or wrong.
    Any money you were planning on giving them you can e-mail to me instead. I’ll put it to better use.

    Doesn’t the non-USA part of the world have higher gasoline prices due to taxes? Mostly put in place to encourage the citizenry to use public transportation and trains? Systems that are surprisingly affordable if your entire country is say smaller than Texas.

    As far as the citizenry of the USA not being interested in alternate fuel and conservation, do you remember the 1970s and glass pop bottles? No? Then shut up. I was there. We, the children of the 70s, wanted to recycle newspapers, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and our grass clippings. The adults didn’t. Industry didn’t. So we couldn’t.

    Thanks to the diligent work of dedicated individuals some recycling infrastructure exists. That and necessity: places like Bloomington, Indiana started major recycling programs in the 80s because they were rapidly running out of landfill space and needed to do something else with their trash.

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