You never know what you might find in a large recycle bin Hobby Computer Handbook 1981

Yesterday Cheryl and I took a large load of recyclable materials into one of our local collection centers. While our waste hauler does allow for recycling we had an overflow and some cardboard material that was large enough to need taken to another facility. When I was unloading some of our paper material into a large metal recycle collection bin I came across something that caught my eye. While I’ve never gone dumpster diving for treasures this magazine seemed to be a treasure that didn’t need to be turned into a Seventh Generation bathroom tissue roll. To me this looked like a collectors item that any hardcore geek wouldn’t have let leave their hands.

Yes it is in fact just a magazine. But to me it seemed to include a good amount of computing history within it’s pages. I’d tend to bet you might even be able to fetch a bit of money for it if you auctioned it off at the right time. I guess the person who threw it into the recycle bin didn’t feel the same way. They must have just been reducing clutter and wanted to do the right thing by giving this old magazine a second life in a new product. At the time I came across it though I saw interesting history.

Ohio Scientific, TRS-80 Automatic telephone dialer, bubble memory, Atari 800, Heath disk computer system, Sinclair ZX80 Computer, Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III, Personal Micro Computer PMC-80, APPLAB Labortatory Interface for APPLE II + and the list goes on.

In the faded pages of this magazine are the early days of personal computing. Yet someone felt it was time to let this treasure go and that it was time to explore the new computing world. At least they were good enough to recycle their magazines. With a quick look I saw no other treasures. This one was right at the top of the pile of paper products inside of the collection bin. Just waiting for one more person to see it’s value. I couldn’t resist bringing it home and reading the contents.

How many of you remember using any of these machines? Care to share your stories?

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