It’s nice to open the newspaper and see an old friend

Over the years I’ve seen many people I’ve known in the local newspaper or in other forms of media. Most of the time this has always been for positive reasons. But I can think of a few times it hasn’t been. In a few cases coming across these articles has led to reunions. Some of which have gone well others that showed things were most likely better off left alone. Yet it is always nice to see someone you consider an old friend get the recognition they deserve. It is also nice to see someone doing something you have a good feeling they truly enjoy.

Many years ago Jim Pemberton, myself and a few others were part of a public access show on Access 4 the Springfield area community television station. The show was called the Punk Hour. While we never spent a ton of time together. It was easy to see that Jim had a love for music. So it really was not much surprise to see in the newspaper that he was now program director for WQNA 88.3 FM in Springfield, Illinois. The last time I can remember seeing Jim is inside Recycled Records in downtown Springfield. That was many years ago though. I don’t think our paths have crossed since.

If you see him before I do. Which I’m sure you will. Ask him about his driving experience years ago.

Free to play at WQNATune to 88.3 FM, where colorful characters present original music

WQNA 88.3 FM Springfield, Illinois Live stream

Welcome to Recycled Records in Springfield, IL

ACCESS 4 marks 20 years on the air

It would be so scary to see those moments end up on the Internet. Someone has to be holding VHS copies hostage somewhere.